10 Extraordinary Tips to Help You Shift Your House for The First Time

Since this is the first time you are considering shifting your house, you must be perplexed and fidgety. There is no need to feel flabbergasted as I have got you the right solutions to your problems. In this article, I have explained the 10 extraordinary tips to help you shift your house for the first time. I hope you will be sorted after you read the entire piece.

Below mentioned are the 10 extraordinary tips to help you shift your house for the first time:

1. Realise and admit the stress factor

When you are considering shifting your house, it is going to be challenging on a physical and mental level. Irrespective of the fact that you are moving for the first time or not, you are going to have a stressful time through the preparatory phase and even after that. First, you will be worried about how you are going to conduct such an elaborate process, and post shifting you will be worried about how you are going to unpack and arrange the new house. It is better that you realize and admits that stress is a part and parcel of the move and life as well.

2. Don’t keep things for the last moment

Shifting your house is a process that involves a lot of tasks and you have to handle every task with dedication. You have to give your time, effort, and your money to achieve a successful house shifting. You have to plan, prepare, and execute the entire procedure and it will take time. If you think that you can do things at the last moment, you are wrong. You should not procrastinate and make a moving checklist. Follow the checklist strictly and you will be able to carry out the move in a systematic manner.

3. Hire packers and movers

When you are moving for the first time, you do not have any prior experience in moving. The concept of house shifting is completely new to you. You should not consider carrying out the move all by yourself. You have to plan and prepare for your move so stick to that. Don’t execute the process on your own as it is a complex task that needs skill and practice. Hire professional packers and movers Mumbai to Ahmedabad near your area who can help you shift within your budget.

4. Get the best rates

Now that you know that you should get the professionals for your move, you should not finalize the very first packers and movers you approach. You should check on multiple moving companies and find out their online reviews. Select the best 3 to 4 companies and ask them to conduct a pre-move survey. As they do so, they will send you their cost quotations. You should compare the rates and choose the moving company that offers you the least quotation.

5. De-clutter

While shifting your house for the first time, you will not be aware of this tiny piece of information but it is an effective one. Don’t try to move every single thing in the house to your new house. If you move all the things, the size of your move will be huge and this will increase the cost of the shifting. Again, if you move all the unnecessary things to your new house, you will end up muddling up your new place as well. Thus, you should move with only those things that are necessary. Steer clear of all unnecessary things by selling, donating, or disposing of them.

6. Don’t over-pack the boxes

I am telling you about this because it is your first-time moving; you will not have an idea about how little things can cause a lot of problems in the long run. When your packers and movers pack your belongings on a moving day, you will see that there will be extra room for more things in the box. They will not stuff the gaps with more things but will shove up bits of paper and foam before closing them.

Don’t stop them by saying that they need to save packing boxes and instruct them to stuff the boxes with more belongings. If you instruct them, they will follow your instructions but the moment they try to move the boxes while loading, the box will fall apart. The packers and movers know how much weight the packing boxes can hold. So, trust the process and let them do their work.

7. Mark the boxes

Mark the boxes as soon as they get packed. Use a marker pen to write the names of the rooms the boxes belong to. You can also mark the boxes using marking tapes. All you need to do is to dedicate every room in different colours and stick marking tapes on the boxes according to the colours of the rooms. Furthermore, you can write the contents of each box on the side of each box to help you see which box contains what without opening them.

8. Pack an essentials kit

Don’t forget to pack an essentials kit to save you on the first day after you shift to your new house. Or else you will have to hunt down through all the packing boxes to find your essentials. Be cautious and pack your absolute essentials like a fresh set of clothes, undergarments, bedspreads, towels, some toiletries, a dental kit, and your daily medications.

9. Take care of your health

Shifting your house will take a toll on your mental and physical health. The key to staying sane and fit is proper nutrition and rest. Nutrition is more than what we eat; it is also about how much we eat and when we eat. If you are mindful about eating, you are going to have a strong immune system. You will not fall ill easily and you will have an active thought process. Neither your mind nor your body will falter in such demanding times like house shifting.

Sleep for at least 8 hours and drink lots of fluids. Exercise every day and meditate for a few minutes before going to bed. You should remember to take care of yourself even when you are brimming with a long to-do list.

10. Take time to unpack

After you shift to your new house, you will have an entire house filled with packing boxes. If you think that you will be able to unpack all the boxes on the first day itself, you are doing something terribly wrong. Don’t unpack even a single box on the first day apart from the essentials box. You will have to do a lot of dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing, etc. on the first day. Open the essentials box and unwind yourself after that. Unpack the boxes as and when you will need them. Unpack the kitchen wares first and then move towards the bathrooms and bedrooms. There is no need to hurry and drain yourself unnecessarily.

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The Happy Ending

This is the first time that you are thinking of shifting your house but I am sure that the above-mentioned 10 extraordinary tips to help you shift your house for the first time will prove immensely useful to you. Wishing you good luck!

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