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10 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Your Android App Development

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In 2017, at the I/O conference, Google announced Kotlin as an official support language for Android app development. Since then, technology has been a buzzword in the developer community. This new language is said to outgrow Java in Android app development, and for a reason. It has so many positive points that Java lacks.

Java had its days in Android app building. Now it’s time for Kotlin to shine. We will see Kotlin app development to be prevalent in the near future. If you are in a dilemma about what to choose for your next Android app development, Kotlin is a reliable and robust choice. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Kotlin for your Android app development.

Easy to set up

Gone are the days when you had to download a plugin to add Kotlin to an Android project. Now setting up this language has become super easy, as Android 3.0 comes with a feature called support Kotlin development, which allows developers to include Kotlin into their projects when configuring.

Easy to learn

Kotlin is made to be simple so that developers can understand the code without even writing a single line in the language. Simplicity has made Kotlin one of the seamlessly handled languages. Furthermore, since Koltin is based on Java, developers don’t experience any hassle switching. They can get started with the language on the go.

Open source

Google has made Kotlin an open-source language. And this has helped a lot. Since the inception of Kotlin, it has gained a vast community which frequently keeps adding to the open-source project, which improves their skills and contributes to the Kotlin open-source project.

Fully Interoperable

Interoperability is Kotlin’s major strength. The language is 100% interoperable with Java. This allows developers to use Java and Kotlin code side by side in the same project without disturbing other factors. If you plan to add Kotlin to your existing project, you just need to add its tools and framework without making any additional changes.

Reduced boilerplate code

This is another reason you should choose Kotlin for your android app development. One of the developers’ main problems with Java is its vast boilerplate code. This makes the development process lengthy and increases the project size. Kotlin has reduced a significant amount of code. Where just a single line print statement needs multiple lines of code in Java, the same statement can be written in only a single line in Kotlin.

No NullPointer Exception

NullPointer Exception is one of the top reasons for app crashes. And solving this error is a major headache for developers. But developers of Koltin have effectively handled this problem by adding null safety into the language’s type system. You can now catch NullPointer exceptions at compile time instead of runtime and save your app from crashing.


Kotlin follows a byte code structure, which allows Kotlin applications to run faster. With the help of inline functions, Kotlin increases the lambda function’s execution speed. Moreover, Kotlin offers many features that accelerate the development process. Its features like parameter values, object declaration, and extension functions speed up the development time while maintaining code efficiency.


JetBrains has developed Kotlin to solve real-world issues. There were very few languages for enterprise development apart from the most popular option Java. The language was built as a commercial solution that is cost-effective and efficient. So, Kotlin can easily replace Java for enterprise android app development.

Less error-prone

When it comes to errors, Java developers are more likely to commit them than Kotlin developers. Java’s boilerplate code keeps the risk of error. But as Kotlin keeps its code clean and concise and includes robust features like null safety, there is less chance of errors in Kotlin app development.

Extensive support

Another great reason for choosing Kotlin as your Android app development language is its extensive and supportive community. Over the years, Kotlin has gained a vast community of like-minded developers that keeps contributing to open-source projects. Moreover, Koltin has become much more prevalent than ever before, making finding a Kotlin professional much easier. You can easily find and hire Kotlin developers online or otherwise.

For these reasons, choosing Kotlin as your Android app development technology would be great. If you want to make your Android app more robust and performant, Kotlin is a perfect choice for you.

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