10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video For Business

Over 86% of businesses use video for their product and service marketing business. This percentage was 85% in 2020 and has increased by 1%. This 1% increase may not be enough for you, but video marketing has broadened the canvas. It turns out that 1% has a more significant meaning.

So, to stay relevant in a competitive business, you have to use video marketing one way or another. Moreover, with the release of online video editors like Invideo and FlexClip, creating videos is easier than ever in just a few minutes and then posting them on social media to attract potential customers.

Remember that video is not limited to marketing; You can use it to showcase your products, troubleshoot your products, and more. Video marketing is just one of the ways one can take advantage of videos to get more sales in a short amount of time. Today, we’ll show you ten simple ways to quickly integrate video into your business and help your customers with your services.

10 Simple Ways To Use Video

1. Video For Marketing

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. If you make videos and don’t post them on social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to gain new subscribers.

Social media in the past decade has been the biggest breakthrough in marketing. A lot has changed since Facebook started advertising on its platform. By posting videos on social media, you can get interaction with your customers like never before. Likewise, you can create polls and ask your audience and potential customers what kinds of products they like and more.

With video marketing, you can showcase your business to a broader audience at a much lower cost than buying a spot on billboards and TV commercials. Keep in mind to create creative and captivating online videos when designing them in a video editor.

2. Create an Introductory Video

If you’re a small business and want to make it easier for people to understand what you’re working on, it’s best to serve them a video showing what you do and how. Some of the best videos you will ever make are videos that are simple and have a short message for the viewer.

Finally, keep in mind the problem your business is solving and what solutions you provide and address it at the end of your video.

3. Testimonial Showcase

Customers seduce customers. Why not ask some of your customers how their experience was? All you have to do is find satisfied customers and ask them to answer your questions.

If your customers don’t want to be in front of the camera, you can creatively add photos of your employees and write customer testimonials on top of the images.

4. Video Explanation Video

Explanations are less than 2 minutes long and quite refreshing for viewers. In this video, you get to the point and tell viewers about your software, product or service. You need to provide information about a particular product and should not move away from it. Plus, explanatory videos make your audience more excited about the brand.

5. Expert Reviews

We have seen many people make money by sharing their online reviews. You can hire a tech expert and ask them to review your product. Their reactions and feedback can be used to show how and where your product can be used. It will also help educate the audience about your product’s different uses.

6. Showcase Your Culture & Work Ethic

People love to see what’s going on behind the closed doors of your business. So why not take a peek at them? With the help of videos, you can share the type of work environment you have and your company’s ethics. This can be printed in a single video using an online video editor, which can compile multiple videos into one for a sleeker, more streamlined look.

7. Give Viewers Your Origin Story

Like Superman and Batman, your business has its own origin story. Describe it with humor while retaining the true meaning that represents your business values. Show viewers the idea behind starting a company, creating your first product or service, and how it helps customers make their lives easier.

8. Vlogs

Vlogs are short video blogs that you can post on YouTube and other platforms to get some followers in the same niche. Feel free to get creative with video creation; keeping them short during vlogs is something people avoid seeing.

9. Hint Video

Just like an explanation video, you can even create a video that explains to your customers how to perform a specific task with your product, service, or something related. These videos can be emailed, or you can even post them on your company blog. These video tutorials are a great way to familiarize your audience with a new product.

10. Webinars

Invite your customers to join webinars where experts from your business niche come and talk or give workshops on specific topics. For example, if you’re a kitchenware brand, you could host a webinar about making desserts from home kitchen utensils.

You can invite a chef who will use your products to make desserts. Using video for business, your product will be advertised, and people attending the webinar will learn something new. The same webinar video can be edited through a video editor and sent to subscribers who sign up for the monthly mail.


So, these were the top 10 simple ideas for incorporating video into your business. Video is now the norm and better when showcasing a product or service, and it’s also the easiest way to get the most of your customers’ attention. Use these ten ideas and see the increase in sales and subscribers.

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