10 Spookiest Halloween Photo Booth Ideas to Try in 2021

Halloween is just around the corner, and there is still enough time to get your spooky and scary on! There are numerous decoration ideas to have that Halloween spirit around your house, and a spooky Halloween photo booth is one of them.

If you’re looking for scary and creepy photo booth ideas for Halloween, then you’ve landed on the right article. Here are 10 of the most spookiest Halloween photo booth ideas you must try this year:

1.    Backdrop

A backdrop is highly essential for any photo booth. You don’t really want blurred or boring pictures without the proper background, do you? Well, let out all your spooky creativeness on the backdrop. You can choose to go all out, or even go simple on the backdrop. A great idea would be going black and crafting a starry night backdrop showing a full moon and the stars and galaxies. This is an easy and simple DIY, and you can craft it with your family by making use of a poster board or construction paper. Just cut out starry and moon shapes, and add those to the backdrop. You can even use some glitter to make the night feel a little more starry and magical!

2.    Bat Wings

Bat wings are the best to wear on Halloween, as costumes, and as photobooth pros as well! Not only are they spooky, but can look great on any Halloween costume and attire. The best part is, they are incredibly easy to construct and make- even children can do it! All you need to do is draw or outline bats on black construction paper. Then, neatly cut these out, and decorate them however you and your family want to! You can even get your hands on these Halloween photo booth props by King Props. These bat wings are definitely going to up your photo booth game this year.

3.    Cobwebs

Cobwebs are another interesting photo booth prop you can use for Halloween this season. Again, cobwebs are very easy to craft and make. All you’ll be needing is a small amount of cheap cobweb material. Decorate your Halloween photo booth with these cobwebs, and add twinkle lights to give better effects! Everyone is certainly going to love all this Halloween decoration!

4.    Pumpkins and hay

What is Halloween without some pumpkins and hay? The best part about using pumpkins is that they can easily be carved and engraved into anything easily. This is a great time to gather your children and other family members, by gathering several pumpkins and then engraving them with spooky and scary faces. To add more detail, grab some hay, and then place them around your sinister pumpkins. 

5.    Googly eyes

What’s scarier than being watched by sinister evil? This year’s Halloween, try googly eyes in your photo booth. These googly eyes are easily available in the market and are very cheap as well. Or, you can even craft them yourself! Then, just stick these googly eyes on the walls and backdrop.

6.    Candles

Big candles can indeed look spooky, especially if the rest of the photobooth decoration is dull and gloomy. The best part about using candles is that you can choose any shape you want! Be it a skull, a hand, or any other spine-chilling candle ideas you can think of.

7.    Harvest

Halloween is in the fall season, so why use the fall theme for your Halloween photo booth this year? Just grab a few balls of hay and dried leaves, and craft a backdrop that screams autumn and fall. Logs and dried trees can definitely add a spooky effect to your photo booth.

8.    Blood splatter

Everyone finds blood frightening and totally spine-chilling. Thus, get ready to use some blood this Halloween season (fake blood, of course!). Grab some cloth or paper, and then just splatter some red paint on it to make it look real.

9.     Ghost and graveyard

Who isn’t scared of graveyards and ghosts? Well then, don’t think twice about adding these to your Halloween photo booth prop this year. For ghosts, you can go ahead and cut out the ghosts and decorate them accordingly and just stick them on your photo booth backdrop. As for the graveyard, get your hands on some inexpensive garden fencing, styrofoam, and some light to add to the back. Decorate a stone to make it look like a headstone. This is definitely going to send chills down your guests’ spin this spooky season!

10.  Vampires and coffins

Vampires are one of the most famous decorations and outfits to be used on Halloween. From the pointy and scary teeth, pale makeup, fake blood, and an off outfit, who wouldn’t love to use these as props for their photo booth? To make it look even scarier,  get your hands on some old pallets, and hammer and nails, and create a vampire’s coffin. Add some hay and webcams around the coffin to add that final touch, and you’re all set!

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