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11 Best Features of Collegeview Commons in Waterloo

student accommodation waterloo

Waterloo Region, Canada.

Collegeview Commons – it is the name of popular student accommodation in Waterloo
in Canada. It is a known fact that Waterloo city is gaining popularity for hosting
international students in the present scenario. It offers a world-class education to
students from all over the world.
There are some good places for student accommodation Waterloo, where the
students can stay, one of which is Collegeview Commons. This place for
accommodation provides some excellent features, which gives full comfort to the
international students. The students can get basic as well as the luxury amenities inside
the property and accommodations of Collegeview Commons.
Here, you will know the eleven best features that the students find in Collegeview

Best Features of Collegeview Common

1. Amazing Apartments

Collegeview Commons is an apartment-based place for accommodation. Here, you find
the student apartments filled with wonderful amenities. You can choose among five
different types of apartments, which are:
 1 Standard Bedroom in 4 Bedroom
  one Corner Bedroom in 4 Bedroom Suite
  Standard Bedroom in 3 Bedroom Suite
 2 Armoire Bedroom in 3 Bedroom
  Ensuite Bedroom in 3 Bedroom Suite

2. Gym for Fitness Lovers

There are ample arrangements for fitness in this property. A major one is a fully
equipped gym. The gym available here is equipped with modern workout machines.
You can do workouts to keep your body in shape or do bodybuilding.

3. Yoga Room

Yoga is an ancient Indian science that originated in India as a spiritual practice. Later
on, some new aspects of wellness have been added to it. It is considered good for
physical, mental, and emotional health. In this, you find a number of postures known as
asanas and breathing exercises termed pranayams.

Today, a number of students also like to practice yoga for wellness. Therefore, a special
Yoga room has been provided for them at this property.

4. Cinema in Waterloo

Entertainment is also a necessary aspect of life. Understanding this, there is an
arrangement of entertainment in Collegeview Commons also. Here, there is a cinema
where the students can enjoy watching the movies with friends in their spare time.

5. Wi-Fi Internet

The internet is essential for everyone today without any second thought. Online
shopping, social media involvement, entertainment, and a lot of tasks are accomplished
via the internet in the present scenario. In fact, the internet has become a basic need of
For the students, it becomes more important since it is the major source for study. A
number of lessons are downloaded via the internet. Projects, assignments and a lot of
other academic tasks are accomplished with the help of the internet. There is also a
trend of online lectures today. Various kinds of information are searched through the
internet. Written & video tutorials and a lot of other tasks are accomplished through the
Understanding all these significant things, a Wi-Fi internet connection inclusive of the
bills has been provided to the students in this property.

6. Games Room

The games room is also a source of great fun for the students. There are the
arrangements for the games like pool and table tennis here. So, the residents can play
these games here with other residents.

7. Common Area

Socialization is another utmost requirement of the masses. Students have a common
tendency to be socialized and make new friends, which is good. Therefore, a common
area has been provided to the students in this property.
In the common area, the residents living in different accommodations in this property
can meet each other. They can make new friends and can also help each other in their

8. Fully Equipped Kitchens

There are fully equipped kitchens available in all the accommodations in the property. In
the kitchens, the residents find a cooking hob and an oven for cooking the meals and

heating them whenever required. On the other hand, there is a fridge also to keep the
things fresh for days, to freeze the ice, and to cool the water.

9. Wardrobe

This property offers a wardrobe in every accommodation where the students can keep
their clothes safe and organized

10. Study Table and Chair

For facilitating the students to study in a comfortable position in the right posture,
Collegeview Commons offers a set of study table and chair.

11. 24-Hour On-Call Staff

In case of any requirement or problem, the students can call the 24-hour on-call staff
available at the property.

Final Thoughts

College view Commons is surely the right accommodation from all aspects for the
students. They can get fun, fitness, and study-related facilities in a single place if they
choose to book it.
Booking a studio or an apartment in College view Commons is as easy as having a cup
of tea through the online options. You are just required to visit the website of a student
accommodation service provider and follow the procedure of booking.

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