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13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs

This is a well-known fact that Bathrooms are the most intimate and personal rooms existing within the house. However apart from being comfortable, bathrooms also need to be designed efficiently and all parts (taps, lights, and shower) should be working properly.

Many of us certainly choose a well functional bathroom without considering that it needs to look beautiful and awesomely designed too. So for getting a stunningly beautiful bathroom look over the best interior design apps for getting the most unique and surprisingly amazing designs. Here are some designs and ideas for a beautiful bathroom that you can steal.

Some amazing ideas for designing beautiful bathrooms

1. Wood Wonder

Here the warm wood tones of the floor foil the overall cool modern styling of the rustic bath. Also, the grey concrete accent wall works as a separation between the closet and the features of the bathroom.

13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs

2. Ocean blues

If you are wishing to get a cool and ocean-like feel in your bathroom then this bright blue bathroom style brings it into your home. The design has a flat spout effect, a blue and silver accent wall and rock accents evoke the sunny outdoors and the cool colored marble wall gives a sense of perfect balance of warm and cool.

3. Beehive wood tiles

Having beehive wood tiles in your bath space gives an imaginative and charming vibe. In addition to this rough cement block walls lends a fine edgy look, whereas the frosted shower panels along with rimless mirror responsibly provide an elegant contemporary feel to the user’s bath space.

4. Art Deco Classic

The feel of classic things is just beyond imagination same is the case with this glamorous and colorful art deco bath space design. The navy wall tiles with a glossy feel along with a good dose of gold touches lend a feel to the classic era.  However, the marble keeps the room bright and cheerful throughout.

13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs

5. Rustic farmhouse

If raw, rugged, and beautiful are the aspects of your liking then this rustic farmhouse bathroom design is the one made for you. This uses a lot of rough wood highlighting lending natural warm tones and grains. Also, the stunning vintage lamps with rusted brick floor blends so well with the theme.

6. Copper Highlights

In this modern era we humans look for details whether it’s about clothing, electronics, or even if it is bathroom décor. The right details in the right amount can turn your simple, fair bath space into an elegant design feat. Here the generic grey modest design is turned from boring into exceptional and catchy by adding a few details to it with copper fittings.

7. Yellow Delight

If you want to get a burst of clean sunshine feels in your bathroom then adding a good amount of cheery yellow touches will certainly bring sunshine to your bath space. Here varying shades of yellow are going to complement the fine grey and white bathroom.

13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs

8. Shower Skylight

This calm dark feel bath with a skylight installed in the shower and wood-style tiles everywhere spreads a calm woody but modern feel all around. Here the skylight is the one responsible for creating and completing the look in your bath space.

9. Glamorous Chic

The striking glass chandelier and the modern tub with gold claw feet on a black and white mosaic tile floor is everything this bathroom had in it. This design offers a modern and elegant look to your bathroom.

10. Black and Wood

These black-themed interiors are countered with warm wood tones and the natural lighting entering from the glass installed within eh space. The natural rock slab pedestal cleverly disrupts the extremely precise design.

13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs

11. Modern and rugged

With this style Dress up a wall and turn a basic modern shower into this stunning rugged enclave. Stacked stone walls, strategic lighting, and rain showerheads make this bath a standout.  This design lends a superb blend of modern and rugged themes that proves to be a great combo during this modern era.

12. The Sunken Tub

The highlight of this ultra-modern bath is no doubt a sunken tub, which is set on a raised floor with a small gas-burning fireplace. Wood patterned floor and the wood stack wall feature give the room rustic warmth.

13. Touch of pink

The ashy pink ceramic tile accents of Carrara marble grant a softer and unique touch to your bathroom. In the designing segment minimalist black frames proves to be very contemporary and stylish.

13 Most Amazing And Stunningly Beautiful Bathroom Designs


From this, we conclude that the functionality of a bathroom is not just the aspect to focus on but having a superbly amazing and catchy theme or design is also essential. You can opt for modern, classic, rustic; a touch of calm colors, and a lot more depending upon your likeness or what you wish to have. However, it’s not that easy to look for the perfect design that will fit your idea and space. The foremost thing you must be doing is browse over Best Home Decor Websites as it will help you to choose the best one out of numerous unique designs.

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