14 super indoor games for kids

Following are 14 super indoor games for kids.These games have been so popular in the kids

1. Eg with 1 loop, 2 squats, 3 stretch claps

With a drum of 6, of course, there is Cijradobas. You can also play two dice with progress, and if the numbers come in, the work will be bigger.

2. Puzzle

Puzzle the whole IAA’s Print or cut out an image of your choice, then cut it into 4-6-8 pieces. You can unload a small child on it for a while, you can hide the bigger ones in the apartment for a while, find 6 and share the picture. It’s more exciting with brains: each of them has to unload a massive picture, to collect the pieces in the apartment.
You can use the child’s wooden puzzle puzzles and hide them, and he has to search for the pieces in a given time.

3. Showy You could make big laughs in this game.

(Then the funniest if you react quickly!) You touch one of your body parts, but you don’t say the name of that body. The next player says the name of the customization and int, and says the name of a completely different customization. Then the next one tightens the hinge, …)

4. Color Hunting

Another variation of this is color hunting: here every child has to hunt for more and more cubes in the apartment (which you have hidden).

5. Flashlight Treasure Hunter

The child walks out of the room and you hide a pre-selected item, a toy. You can help me find it by singing loudly, humming, making a subwoofer.

6. Searching for a flashlight

In the room you are looking for, look for objects (Look for the train on the shelf!), Shapes (Look for age-format!), Colors (Look for red!) (If you are older, be sure to get close!)


Do you want to jump in at home? Here’s a video that makes it easy for you to make one – just a few extra-use poles will be needed.

8. Who is faster game?

With the games you can practice fast Oltozes or the folding of socks and socks industry. The bottom line is that everything needs to be done here.

9. Sculptures (with brothers)

Press a JO small music and tell the child to dance while the music is playing. Then all of a sudden, he has to stiffen the pose. He who fails, or sings, gives a pawn. The game is more exciting if you are looking for a child to take on a special position: be it a child, some kind of geometric form, or want a yoga party if you are used to having a child.

10. Jump school in the room

Sell the tape and glue the board to the floor, the rules of play are the same as in the yard.

11. Balloons

volleyball or balloons with feathers (with bodywork) NA put on a balloon and children must be single Ottigetnitlik without falling. The Tito can be a wooden spoon or a spatula, it does not need to be brought into ordinary tools.

12. Bring it here (with brothers)

You can take the player’s competition with the move: find the child to bring some items: 5 red something, 3 soft something, 4 something that is on paper …

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13. Autopalya

Take advantage of the nursery and glue a super! Daly & parking, zebra, all wonders. If you don’t want to install the floor then Play Free Squid games online, cut a large cardboard box and draw the super car inside.

14. lad on the line

Even now, a paint tape will suffice for the job: use the tape to draw a line across the apartment, zigzagging, winding. It will be up to the child to balance this.

15. Walk on the Line Pro

You may find it difficult to play the game if you have to go to the bell ring or clap, go with your fingertips or your eyes closed (so be careful not to go to the furniture), you can also instruct with your eyes closed. Plus Play Squid Games online free: throw a little ball on the line.

16. Two little roosters (with brothers)

Two little roosters found a earthworm, they can’t share it (a stronger Wit & or sal corresponds to a earthworm). Draw a line on the ground (or mark the center line), the little roosters will try to pull the delicious bite away. The winner who draws the tarsat on the center line or draws the “worm”.

17.Rooster fight

Rooster fight You draw / glue about 1.5m in diameter on the floor (or an age-shaped carpet, but also a smaller metal carpet), with two roosters in the middle. On a labon with a hand on the chip (wings). They start chasing each other. The victor who removes the tarsat from the wall (the korb61). Whoever puts the ball down before that time will take it.

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