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4 Reasons You Should Consider Getting an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management

The COVID crisis showed us how vulnerable our supply chains really are and how much supply chain management experts are needed. If you were thinking of specializing in this field or wanted to up your knowledge and expertise, then going for a masters in supply chain management could make sense. And, if you want more convenience and freedom, you could get that degree completely online.

Supply chain management is perfect for online learning and you’ll get everything a regular student would. There are also many inherent benefits to online learning that make online masters supply chain management degrees a great option. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider getting an online master’s degree in supply chain management.

Rub Shoulders with Professionals from Diverse Backgrounds

One of the best things about online supply chain management masters degrees is the diverse cast of professionals they attract. You’ll meet junior managers, business owners, and executives looking to add to their expertise. You might also get in contact with people from other fields like engineering, for instance.

Not only that, but these people will come from a wide range of different industries, so you might get some insight into different sectors and discover one that piques your interest. They could then tell you how you could enter them, what to expect, and even get you direct recommendations if you’re lucky.

You’ll be Able to Keep Your Job

One of the biggest advantages of getting an online master’s in supply chain management is that it makes it easier for you to keep your current position while you get your credentials. You could follow your classes in the evening and/or on weekends, for instance. Since you won’t have to physically take yourself to class, you won’t have to consider commute time and will have even more space than if you went for regular evening classes.

Some programs allow you to attend part-time too or follow classes at your rhythm. These are referred to as asynchronous classes and allow you to watch lectures independently at the time that you want within a specific time frame. You could watch lectures in the morning before taking the children to school or before your shift, catch up on material during lunch breaks, or a whatever time is more convenient for you.

You’ll Get the Same Level of Education as Anyone Else

You shouldn’t view online classes and degrees as inferior to regular ones. There is no difference in the subject matter that will be covered and you’ll get the same qualifications as anyone with the degree.

It all depends on who you get your masters in supply chain management from, however. You have to make sure that the online masters in science supply chain management is accredited regionally first and nationally second since regional accreditation holds more weight than national accreditation.

Accreditation is something you should be able to find on the program’s home page or by looking up the university’s FAQ or accreditation and accolades section. If you see that the school in question was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, for example, then this is a great sign. The HLC is a federally recognized regional regulatory body that ensures that the programs dispensed by the school meet specific standards and an HLC accreditation will make credit transfer much easier.

If you want to learn more about accreditation agencies and which ones should be respected, you can check out this list.

Overall Cost Savings

One thing we would first like to say here is that online classes won’t cost you much less as far as tuition goes. While it costs less to educate someone at a distance, the school still needs tuition to cover other campus-related activities and courses. But you will still make savings by going for an online master’s degree in supply chain management.

You won’t have to spend as much on study material, for instance. Some of the fees that are charged to on-campus students will also be waived, like activity and service fees, athletic fees, and health fees, just to name a few. You also won’t have to spend on transportation or eating out, which is another major plus.


These are all clear reasons why you should start giving online masters in supply chain management a closer look. It could be your best chance to advance your career and get access to new opportunities, so if you haven’t considered getting one yet, we suggest you start considering them right away.

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