4 Ways to style leather jackets for every season

We all can agree on the fact that leather jackets are timeless pieces that have been serving as a style statement for many years now. They have a classic and effortlessly chic vibe that can up your fashion game in no time. Whatever season it is, if you are wearing one of these, there is no doubt that you will be turning heads wherever you go.
You can pair them with various outfits to look incredibly great! They are the perfect pieces to pair with your ordinary day-to-day outfits to give them a good spin. If you feel that you are missing something in your regular outfit, all you have to do is add a jacket and you’ll be good to go!
Thus having one of these in your wardrobe is a must. It is necessary for every girl to own one if she desires to look like an absolute fashion diva! Needless to say, these timeless pieces are great for investment.
Keeping this in mind, we have some amazing ways in which you can style your leather jacket. Whether it is for a casual day or a fun night out, we have all the looks for you. Given below are 4 ways in which you can style your jacket and look like a fashion model.
So, what’s the wait? Let’s get reading!

1. An Everyday Look

To pull off the perfect look for your day-to-day life you can put together an outfit using a regular leather jacket. These jackets possess a kind of sophistication that you cannot achieve with other outerwear.
They are shiny at the surface, giving a very elegant feel to your overall look. If you get the right fit that accentuates your body from the right places, then this outerwear will may you look mind-blowing.
Some of these pieces come with a collar and patch pockets that make it the perfect wear for both casual and semi-formal events. For your everyday look, you can pair this jacket with your favorite t-shirt. This can be a white knit ribbed tee or a chiffon blouse.
You can opt for ripped, straight mom jeans or if that is not your style, maybe some straight black pants. If you are going with jeans then blue should be the color of your pair with the white blouse.
You can complete the look with a pair of pumps or sneakers whichever suits better to your taste. You can also add round-framed sunglasses as they are the new trend on the market.
If you want to add a bit of bling without going over the edge. Then you can opt for glasses that are rimmed with pearls. These give the perfect jeweled look. To add to it you can carry a plain clutch with your jeans look or a glittery and embellished clutch if you go with pants.

2. A Classic Back to the 90s

If you want to pull off a classic 90s look then the fringed leather jacket is your ultimate friend. However, this is not for those who like to keep things simple. It’s for women who are bold, outgoing, and fear nothing. It’s for the statement makers and the fashion divas.
While it was a popular choice of the American natives, it has recently made its way into the fashion industry. And not so quietly either. It became a part of the leather jacket clan and made its way to the top in no time!
This cool jacket features a pointed collar and leather fringes that stand out. On the outside it has a lustrous finish, giving it a dazzling look. To complete your 90s outfit, you can pair this fringed outerwear with a white collared button-down shirt and brown boot-cut pants. If you want a more streetwear vibe then you can throw on vintage jeans.
To complete the look you can add leather boots and cat-eyed sunglasses. Add a hat if you like wearing one. Our suggestion would be to not go over with your jewelry and wear them as minimalistic-ally as you can.

3. A Girlie Girl

For the perfect diva look, there is nothing better than a shearling leather jacket. These jackets come in a combination of wool and leather. With a stunning leather outer and an inner lining of wool, they make a great fashion statement. They also make for the perfect outwear during chilly weather as they keep you warm and cozy.
This jacket has been a popular style for many years to come. To put together an outfit for the evening you can pair your shearling jacket with the all-time favorite a white and black combo. You can opt for a white blouse. This can be a silk or chiffon halter neck if you like your neck to be the highlight.
On the other hand, you can also opt for a blouse with puffy sleeves as they are very trending. For the bottom, you can go with a black midi pencil skirt and minimalistic black heels. This outfit can be easily accessorized with jewelry.
You can wear a necklace if you opt for an open neck or statement earrings if a halter neck blouse is your choice. Adding an anklet will also be a good option as your feet will look very simple without it.
If you are going out in the evening then carrying a diamante clutch will be a good option. However, if you are putting together this outfit for a lunch in the morning then you can carry a cloud baguette.

4. Around The Town

For the perfect night out look you can go with the motorcycle racer of all the other leather jackets. These jackets give you a more hyped look with very little. They feature a tab collar and asymmetrical zips and standard pockets. They are absolutely classy and elegant and would look good on you on every occasion.
You can wear them for both a casual day and for a party at night. For summers you can pair them with a printed black tee and black pants. If you want to add a pop of color and do something less conventional. Then you can go with bright color pants like blue or yellow.
If you want to dress up for a party then going with a bodycon dress would be the best choice. You can dress up with a pair of silver high heels and statement earrings and finish off the look with an embellished clutch.
For a winter outfit, you can fish out your black turtle neck and pair it with straight pants or culottes. You can opt for either boots or low heels. With this, you can grab a matt finish simple clutch and you will be good to go.
With the addition of this jacket, you will manage to stand out in every crowd, due to its minimalistic grandeur. Draping this racer outerwear would instantly give your outfit the upgrade it needs. If you do not own one of these then you should definitely buy one as it’s our guarantee that it won’t disappoint.

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