5 Best Chair Poses for Prenatal Yoga

The purpose of prenatal yoga practice is always to provide the comfort and ability to stretch and flex without causing any harm to the pregnancy. This can be achieved in multiple ways, and ladies can do many poses normally. But as the pregnancy advances, doing normal and easy poses can also become difficult. To cope with this problem, yoga gurus have devised another method. You can do your poses using support. You can use a lot of things to help you support the weight and allow you to do the poses. At this stage, you can also use the chair as a support for prenatal yoga poses.

Important Note: Talk To Your Doctor About Your Poses Before You Start and do not do any poses that your physician prohibits. Only do the prenatal yoga poses that you can do easily, as there is no need to bend your body to extreme limits.

Here is a list of the top 5 best chair poses that you can do during prenatal yoga.

1.   Chair Pose:

The purpose of using the chair to do these poses is to provide your body some support while you are doing a certain pose. One of the most common poses that you can do with a chair is known as chair pose. This pose requires a chair and you standing with the chair. Stand in front of a chair in a way that if you want, you can sit on the chair with ease. Start by spreading your feet one foot apart from eating another. Lift your hands upwards and close them in a Namaste formation. Now, inhale and exhale, and start trying to lift yourself up and down, while going down, make sure that you are close to the chair. This pose helps open your hips and prepares you for childbirth.

2.   Downward Facing Dog Pose:

Another very easy pose to do with the chair is the downward-facing dog pose. In this pose, you stand behind the chair at a distance of 2 feet. Slowly bend your body towards the chair. Now, place your hands on the back of the chair and support your body with it. Keep your heels on the ground and keep breathing for a few moments. Exit the pose by taking the support of the chair and helping it provide lift for your body.

3.   Supported Squat Pose:

Supported Squat Pose is also a very easy pose that you can do without support, but during pregnancy, it is important to use safety measures. You should do this pose while standing behind the chair and holding it to provide you the required lift or support. Also, keep something below on the ground that can sustain your weight. You can fold some towels, or blankets or use props for this pose. With this support, you should be able to do the squats. Make sure that you do not push yourself to the limits and stay safe.

4.   Pigeon Variation Pose:

This pose is an adaptation of the pigeon pose in prenatal yoga. This is an easy pose that helps you stretch your body without putting any pressure on your womb. To do this pose, you will need to sit on a chair. Keep one leg down, and pull the second leg up. Put your feet on the thigh of the other leg. Place both of your hands on the hips, and bend forward a little. Make sure that you are breathing during the pose as it will increase the availability of oxygen and enhance your health.

5.   Legs up the Chair Pose:

This is another pose that you can do with the help of a chair. This pose is very easy and very important as it helps you improve the health and strength of your muscles. You should start by sleeping on a floor mat. After that, put your legs up on the chair slowly. Stay in that pose for a few minutes, try to focus on your breathing pattern. During the early days of your pregnancy, this pose will give your back some time to relax. It will also protect the muscles around your backbone from being stretched to extreme limits.


These are the five best prenatal yoga poses that you can do with the chair. All of these poses should be guided and you should learn them first before starting to do them. You should keep your comfort in mind all the time and if any pose is not looking easy, you should skip that pose. Also, seeking help from a physician and yoga master would help. You can reach out to the Arhanta Yoga Ashram online, and learn from their experienced teachers. They provide online classes, which means you can learn from home without the need of having to travel anywhere.

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