5 Best Software For Managing Your Feature Request

Feature request are a form of feedback that users give to a company in order to develop business. You have to continually contact your clients and their necessities. You can pack your item loaded with highlights, however on the off chance that it’s not tending to your clients’ genuine requirements, it won’t help anybody.

In any case, when you open your advancement cycle up to the overall population, you will be overwhelmed with criticism and component demands. That leaves you with many element demands you want to figure out and survey. This drives us to the inquiry; how would you precisely oversee highlight demands that carry real worth to your item?

Let’s take a look at some tools to help you out:

Management tools for feature request


Feedsocio is a consumer feedback platform that also contains a management feature request tracker. It allows businesses to collect consumer feedback in an orderly manner and learn what the client expects from your product. It then uses the information gathered to manage the company’s expansion.

Users can vote for ideas offered by other users or even suggest a new product feature proposal using the feature request software. Furthermore, the software’s easy-to-use interface enables for uncomplicated feedback inputs.

The best aspect is the cost, since it offers a free plan to help you get started, followed by affordable price options depending on the size of your business and website activity.


Airfocus allows clients to assemble and focus on guides, team up on technique, deal with numerous items, and progress work processes in a hot climate. Not exclusively does airfocus offer extraordinary programming and the Ultimate Guide to Prioritization, yet they likewise suggest the “Purchase a-Feature” technique to include demand the executives.


Trello permits the group to set up a public board where clients can sign in and vote in favor of their beloved element by remarking on the cards. With Trello, you can permit admittance to the overall population. This permits clients to add their component demands and enables you to make a Kanban-style client confronting guide.

Feature Upvote

Highlight Upvote gathers demands from different sources on an internet-based component demand board. Sheets can be private or public, permitting colleagues and clients to upvote thoughts and solicitations.


Hellonext is a devoted element demand device where you can oversee and arrange all the input you get. Groups can distribute guides and complete the whole input process in one spot. Hello next likewise permits you to give clients access to decide on any component demands.

Feature Request Tracking

Highlight demand following is the craft of overseeing highlight solicitations to grow an item. It incorporates empowering clients to demand new elements, working a data set to store highlight demands, and positioning them by different models to distinguish the most alluring ones.

Instructions to Manage Product Feature Requests

Overseeing highlight solicitations can be a difficult errand if you don’t have any idea how to move toward them accurately. So rather than bouncing straight into the profound end, the following are six fundamental tips you can use to deal with your item includes.

Aling your feature request at one place

Online media has made gathering criticism an inconceivably intense errand. In addition, the different stages offer clients various approaches to reaching your organization, which makes arranging their input a considerably more troublesome assignment than it should be.

curate a tool for managing and gathering requests

As we clarified in the primary tip, having all of your component demands in a single spot makes it far more straightforward for your group to acquire significant understanding from client input. This applies to the clients as well!

Generally, the clients with legitimate and accommodating element solicitations will search for a dependable method for giving their input prior to going to web-based media or nonexclusive email structures. They need to realize you will recognize their user-feedback rather than having it lost in the ether.

This is not difficult to address. Offer a committed framework for highlighting demands. Like that, your clients realize they’re giving their criticism to an organization that often thinks about what they need to say while permitting them to sort out these component demands without any problem.

Prioritization your Feature Request Software

With all your component demands in a single spot, you can begin to arrange and focus on. A portion of the product we referenced before will naturally order and focus on in view of your standards.

Assuming you’re focusing on physically, basically make bunches that best address each element demand. For instance, assuming you have entries that pay attention to UX, make a UX classification and spot all applicable solicitations in that gathering.

When your gatherings are laid out, you can take a gander at each solicitation in a gathering and straightaway sees which solicitations are generally significant.

Discuss about feature requests with colleagues & interested shareholders

Clients who demand new elements will need to see those highlights executed. Yet, that doesn’t mean their idea is best for the organization.

Talk about the component demands collectively to evaluate different variables associated with making that demand a reality. Does the group possess the ability to make that component? Would it be able to be satisfied in a reasonable time period? These kinds of inquiries will assist you with focusing on demands that will carry the most worth to your item.

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Keep track of product development activities by maintaining a public product roadmap.

Offering your clients a public guide offers straightforwardness as an organization. It assists your clients with seeing that their mentioned highlights are being chipped away and will be accessible in a predetermined time. This likewise opens up the floor for client criticism on the off chance that they feel prioritization doesn’t match their assumptions.

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