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6 Common Types of Granite Countertops Problems

Are Granite countertops worth it? Are the material and its consistency suitable for the homegrown? Over the last few decades, It has been the most popular option for decorating the homespun.  

Silver marbles are the most durable choice when considering options for new counters to create a substantial look in your kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners invested in Granite slabs because of their durability, eye-catching beauty, and quality. But granite is not the best option anymore. 

Let’s discuss some root problems that occur while using silver granite countertops, which make it’s market very down.

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  1. Granite Countertops and Radiation
  2. Water on your silver granite edge
  3. Heat damage the mitered edge granite  
  4. Stain-Resistant 
  5. Inconsistency in granite countertops.
  6. Countertop cracks
  7. A Better Alternative

Granite Countertops and Radiation

Granite is the natural accruing mineral. Engineers directly mined the raw granite material from the earth. So like other natural stones, it also contains radioactive elements like uranium; even this may vary in a single slab of granite sterling countertops. Its presence will deteriorate the granite slabs into radon. Radon is the colorless, unscented, radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. It also varies from stone to stone.

The granite buildings or the counters can have released it for a lifetime. somehow, the ventilation dilutes it. You are probably surprised you emit these radioactive elements and the radon gas on normal days.

Water on your silver granite edge

quartz countertops
quartz countertops

Granite is a porous mineral. All the Porous minerals have tiny holes that are not visible to the naked eye. Because of the porosity, they can absorb water. Even if the water is left on your countertops for a long period, it will convert into hard water stains, especially around the leaky faucet area.

Sometimes These stain marks look like water sports and ring like the outline of the cup, giving an etching and dull look to your granite countertops. You perhaps notice the discolored area at some stage, which signifies that mitered edge granite absorbs the water into the deeper layer. 

Heat damage the mitered edge granite  

As the granite stones themselves are water-resistant, they are also resistant to heat. Repeatedly placing heat objects on the surface can cause thermal shocks and cracks. The hot dishes and pan can damage your countertops. Putting the pot on the counters will scratch the countertops and make permanent black marks on the granite stones


If it’s about kitchens, then Staining is one of the main problems with silver granite edges, especially around stoves and cooktops.  Granite countertops are also stain-resistant. Any liquid, especially if it’s acidic, like lime juice, Orange juice, or other oils stabbed the mineral, can leave the tint marks. It makes your countertop’s tone darker and eye irritating.

Inconsistency in granite countertops. 


Here the term Inconsistency means no stability, stiffness value, grading, or maintenance left for granite countertops. When you are getting for the kitchen, it isn’t always essentially granite.  “Commercial granite” is a group of stones containing similarities such as high levels of quartz, feldspar, silica, and mica cuts for the use of silver edge. 

Some of these stones are very soft, weak, and porous, whereas others are so thick that attempting to cover them. These only create a mess rather than providing supplementary value. Some stones categorized and sold as granite are not igneous rocks. These labeled rocks are metamorphic or sedimentary. 

Countertop cracks

Crack formation in granite slabs is very common and has become a serious problem. It could happen in different areas of your countertops, especially in traffic areas where the cooking activities taoccurOne of these places includes a sink,, and it also cracks under the weight of a heavy object.

Granite doesn’t crack in usual conditions. However, it cracks Marble and gets damaged during stress-handling, construction, or at the time of fixing. You’ll notice stress fractures when someone stands on the countertops or when someone places a hot object on it. 

A Better Alternative

If you’re looking for a better alternative for the kitchen. Quartz is highly durable, consistent, non-porous, and resistant. It solves all of the issues inherent in granite sterling countertops. It’s also attractive and budget-friendly. 

It has a variety of designs and colors. It’s fabricated and installed just like granite, but it won’t need the same level of care. It only requires minimal maintenance. Quarts will be the best suitable option for your kitchen. That maintain its beauty for years, you should consider quartz countertops for your home as a replacement for granite.

quartz countertops
quartz countertops


Now using granite slabs might well be your personal and most sensible choice. Granite countertops are feasible only if you want to DIY your kitchen countertops. If you expect it to be the value-adding object to your home or have the same impact as other countertops, you should think again because it has many problems which no one can tolerate. 

Choose the most ideal and worthy countertop as it is a great addition to every home. Select the one that can handle the kind of work in your kitchen that can last for years and enhance the aesthetic value. Research quartz and other countertops, compare them all and find better alternatives for your home.

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