6 Known Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are caused by car accidents, explosions, fires, birth injuries, or defective products. The injuries incurred may be temporary or permanent, leading to disabilities, pain, and emotional and mental anguish. Mostly, catastrophic injuries require lifetime medication, surgery, or rehabilitation.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Common causes of spinal cord injuries are neck, back, or shoulder impacts. Even minor injuries can cause serious problems. When a spinal cord is severely hurt, it can lead to permanent paralysis and other secondary health issues.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are caused by head trauma. The victim experiences brain swelling, inflammation, bruising, or bleeding. In severe cases, patients may go into a coma and experience memory loss, inability to concentrate, depression, and other personality changes.

Broken bones

Simple bone fractures are treated with immobilization or surgery. However, traumatic fractures can be fatal, requiring multiple surgery. In most cases, accident survivors may never fully recover, leaving them with nerve damage, disability, or pain for the rest of their lives.

Internal Organ Damage

It is possible to suffer internal organ damage in a car accident. The victim may experience internal bleeding or organ rupture, leading to permanent disability.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries include bruises, Erb’s palsy, collarbone fractures, or broken blood vessels. Some can heal very fast, while others can be permanent. Severe Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy are permanent conditions. If the child’s birth injuries were caused by medical negligence, the patient is entitled to damages compensation. Consult a malpractice attorney Renton-based to file a claim.

Severe Burns

A person who’s suffered a third or fourth-degree burn poses a serious health risk. Those who survive face a lifetime of pain, loss of motion, nerve damage, and disfigurement. There is a high risk of disability affecting their ability to work or live as they used to.

A catastrophic injury can impair a person’s ability to function normally. In addition, the victim may not be able to work or become a parent due to injuries. You can sue the responsible parties if your loved ones suffer from burns, spinal injuries, birth injuries, brain trauma, and internal organ damage.

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