6 Things You Must Know About the MOT Test

MOT is an essential test in the UK. Every driver who has a three-year-old car will submit the vehicle to a nearby MOT center every year to get a certificate according to legal guidelines. You would not be able to drive your vehicle if you do not have a legal MOT certificate.

Therefore, many drivers are worried about the results of MOT in Leamington Spa. If you are one of those drivers, we have made this blog to improve your knowledge about the test.

We will tell you about essential things related to the test. After reading this blog, you will be able to prepare yourself for the test effectively.

Let us begin!

What is the MOT Test?

The full form of MOT is the Ministry of Transport. During the MOT checkup, the tester is supposed to check the general health of your car by looking at different components of the vehicle. By checking the predefined car parts, the aim is to find out whether your car is roadworthy or not. This test is compulsory and you cannot avoid it. Even if you have a certificate, you have to renew it every year.

How do You Know that Your MOT is Due?

An MOT certificate is valid for a full year. It means your MOT certificate is going to expire on the same date next year. Generally, this date is printed on the last valid certificate. Checking the MOT history on the government Website is also possible. The Government is not expected to send you reminders about the MOT tests but MOT centers may provide this service via Email or messages.

What if You Drive With an Expired MOT?

If your car is running on the roads, it means you have a valid MOT certificate in the UK. Your certificate is supposed to work only for 365 days and after this time. You need to register to a nearby MOT center to get a new certificate. If you still drive with an expired MOT certificate, you have to face legal steps taken by the police department. However, driving the car is allowed if you are going to the MOT center to have the test. It is better if you have the test at least 30 days before the expiry date. It will keep you in a secured position.

Do you Still Need to Have a Car Service After the MOT Test?

You have to know that car service and MOT are two different things. You have had your MOT certificate does not mean you do not need to visit your service center for car service. Your test during the MOT test is only supposed to check the mechanical health of your vehicle but he will not make any change to the present condition. On the other hand, your mechanic is supposed to repair or change the damaged parts to improve the health of your car.

What if Your Car is Not Able to Pass its MOT?

If your vehicle fails its test, you have to repair your car to eliminate all dangerous and major faults present in the car. If you repair the car with the help of the original test center, you will get a chance to have a retest with a reduced fee but if you are not able to repair the faults within this time limit, you will need to have the full test again.

Can you Drive Your Car After Failing the Test?

If your previous MOT test is working and your car fails the test, it is a possible but not advisable idea to drive the car. You can but you should not drive the car in this condition. If your car has dangerous faults, you can tow your car to your desired service center but driving will not be allowed. If your vehicle has major faults, the center will allow you to drive your car to another garage. There is no problem if you decide to repair your car in the same center.

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