7 Beautiful Chatbot UI Ideas and Examples

In the age of automation it’s no surprise that Chatbot have becomes so popular in providing customer support. Unfortunately, while these bots may be effective at resolving issues there hasn’t been much focus on their user interface (UI).

Immersive video experiences

In this chatbot example, designer Dmitry Seryukov of Red Mad Robot found a unique way to expand and add content. He also incorporated strong colors in the design which grabs users attention quickly as they watch the video extension from their mobile device’s corner gradually move outwards towards full screen size before them on an app or website page – instantly capturing it with its captivating look! This creative aspect never goes wrong: classic black-and white always prevails after all these years. For users who want something simple, this will be an easy choice as they feel comfortable in its simplicity; One lesson we’ve learned from these examples is that picking a color scheme for your designs means staying true to themselves without being too generic across all mediums 


Simple design and bold colours

The team at Balkan Brothers were able to create an elegant and sophisticated chatbot UI by implementing a uniform color scheme with rounded corners for the bubbles in conversations. They achieved this fresh look that will leave you wanting more!

You’ll notice just how simple it is. They haven’t gone too crazy with the design, plus it’s nice to look at and feels inviting! Sometimes a clean layout can make your life easier – users who want an easy experience won’t get overwhelmed by complicated screens or information overload from busy designs.

simple design and bold colours

Animated chatbot

Chat Animation UI is a perfect example of how aesthetically pleasing chatbots can be. Although you might not have the knowhow yet, it’s good to know what you’ll eventually achieve down the line!

The messages don’t randomly pop up in the conversation. It’s a bubble-effect that detaches itself from where we typed before floating away into this text, and it looks great because you can’t help but look at one of these bubbles as they float off your screen!

This animation is so beautiful! It really brings the user into a new world. The movement of these bubbles are amazing, and they have this great variety in colors that keeps things interesting for your eyes as well

Animated chat

It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance between beautiful and functional. One such example is the chatbot UI, which requires delicate care in order for it to be both memorable as well as user-friendly.

Less is more

This chatbot by HubSpot has more to offer users than just a clever name.

HubSpot’s very own HubBot

A perfect example of simplicity in action is HubSpot’s chatbot – HubBot. This innovative and easy-to-use bot connects with marketers’ marketing, sales and service hubs to book meetings or link them directly to self service articles about their products for quick answers on any question they may have!

The bot has two different color tones – one to show the user and another for itself. This makes it very easy to know who is what so you won’t get lost in this conversation!

The perfect example of a winning chatbot is an efficient, well-crafted. It should be quick and easy to read with plenty of white space throughout the conversation in order not only attract consumers but also keep them engaged for longer periods than competitors’ products or services do all while maintaining professionalism at all times.

Customisable chatbot

The Direct Message UI by designer Hummingbirdsday might look simple (and we’re glad it does), but the graffiti board is one thing you won’t see in many chatbots.

Customisable chatbot

The customisation aspect of this messaging app is a valuable one, where users can change the color of their text within messages.

The innovative and creative graffiti board is a great addition here. What makes it unique are the features that are uncommon to see in other Chatbots, which will most likely encourage users experiment with its functionality without any knowledge about how they work right off hand

This is a great way of increasing engagement and could lead you to more customers in the end.

 A multitasking messenger user interface

Cuberto’s Multitasking Messenger UI is one of the most beautiful examples on this list, not only does it demand attention but also keeps it. The interesting animated background photos are what makes the design so engaging and captivating to look at for long periods of time without getting boring or repetitive thanks in part due to their color palettes that change with every photo you see making things fresh again!


The use of video backgrounds and animated transitions will help to enhance the appeal.

The interface is so well designed that even when the animated backgrounds aren’t in action, users are treated to a spotless and tidy layout with sleek typography.

The human-sounding chatbot

Chatbots are everywhere these days. Some, like Replika; they’re not always conversational but you can tell the difference between their responses because of how human-sounding this makes them sound in comparison to other bots out there that simply give canned answers or phrases with no emotion behind it at all.

Replika The human-sounding chatbot

Replika is a chatbot that can learn from each conversation it has and even go as far to mimic the user’s speech. It was created to build virtual companions for people, effectively bonding with them.

This is one thing that will make your chatbot stand out: it’s not just about how you design and code, but also how it says it. Replika makes sure every single conversational experience with them feels personal because of their ability to adapt on-the fly based upon user input or preferences.

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