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A Simple Guide to Maintain Your Carpets

Carpets are the quickest and easiest way to bring solace and luxury to any room or space. But no luxury can stay intact without maintenance and so do your valuable carpets. When installed in your home, it performs multiple responsibilities on a daily basis. It provides the sumptuous touch, the comforting warmth, the pleasing aesthetics and lot of practical benefits. Other than these, a carpet experience sudden pressures, multi-variety dust, air pollutants, accidental spills and whatnot.

Many studies reveal that not cleaning your floor clothes can adversely affect indoor air quality. This happens because luxury carpets and rugs are made of natural fibers that quickly absorb air pollutants, dust and molds. Also, avoiding its care can cause the carpet to lose its character and lavishness quite before time. On the other hand, it can be preserved for decades and even generations as an heirloom if it gets proper maintenance.

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Hence, to ensure that your carpet looks fresh for the longest possible time, here are some guide tips recommended by carpet experts to follow:

Vacuum it up: Vacuuming is a simple work that most of us are aware of. But there are still a few considerations to note regarding this when it comes to carpets. Choosing the right type of vacuum cleaner is the most crucial point which depends on the type of carpet or rug you own. For example, a modern-style tufted carpet might require a different vacuum cleaner than the traditional cut pile carpet. Rotating brush cleaners suit cut-pile carpets whereas those with beater brushes should be strictly avoided for looped style and hand-woven wool carpets.

Vacuum cleaners with different detachable heads are a good option for cleaning hard-to-reach corners of different variety rugs. The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of traffic the carpet is facing. One more thing to remember is not to use the vacuum cleaner at a high suction setting.

Install Doormats: This might feel like extra work but it is actually a blessing in disguise. The idea behind this is to minimize the mud and dust coming directly onto the carpet. Make sure that all your guests and family members wipe the dust off their footwear before stepping on the carpet. While buying carpets online, you can look for some matching or complementing colour doormats to make the work simpler.

Shake it till you make it: Giving a good shake for dusting once a month can help get rid of that stubborn penetrated dust of your carpet. This process is necessary because it will help you clean the carpet backing which is not possible with vacuum cleaning. You can also use this as an opportunity to clean the floor that stays covered by the carpet all the time. For performing this, roll up the carpet and take till to some outdoor space (lawn or backyard). Then spread it and give it a good shake. For small size round rugs, you can do the same process on windows.

Dealing with spots and spills: We can’t stop sudden spills and splashes to occur on carpets but we can surely learn how to deal with them. Being proactive at such times is the most important part. The longer you’ll wait for the spot to be cleaned, the harder it would become to get rid of it. The cleaning process varies with the type of stain and its cause. However, blotting is a dime a dozen in any kind of liquid spill. Use any clean cloth or paper towel to absorb the excessive liquid. Avoid wiping in such cases as it might widen the spot. Read the care guide of your carpet or any similar carpet online to get into the further process. The best method is to use some professional carpet cleaning solution recommended by your carpet provider.

Art of rotation: Rotation of your carpet helps to deal with the problem of uneven wear and discoloration. This occurs due to high traffic and harsh sunlight faced by one corner of your carpet. Give a rotation equal to a straight angle once every month to evenly distribute the traffic, sunlight and pressure. This step is very crucial for round rugs and multicolor carpets where any kind of uneven discoloration is easily noticeable.

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Consult a professional: No matter how much to take care of your carpet, keeping a thing fresh out of its box is not easy. Therefore, consult a professional and send the carpet for dry cleaning. A professional cleaning will help in the proper care of your luxury floor coverings so that they won’t get any molds and bacteria.

Carpet pads: One point that most people miss in carpet cleaning is prevention from heavyweight. When heavy furniture is placed on carpets, it leaves an ugly pressed impression on them.  Ensure to use protector pads to avoid this problem.

Below are some other basic tricks and tips to help you maintain your carpet well:

  • Remember to dry your carpet properly when cleaning any spot to prevent the foul damp smell.
  • Do not use strong detergent to clean the spot, especially for multicolor carpets as it can result in intermixing of colours.
  • Use some pleasant-smelling carpet fresheners to keep them fresh.
  • Roll up the carpet width wise to store them when not is use. Tie up with a rope or string to prevent it from unrolling.
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