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Amazing Student-Friendly Places in Durham

Durham City is situated 13 miles southwest of Sunderland in North East England. The River Wear flows north through the city, enclosing the centre on three sides to create Durham’s “peninsula.” The River Browney divides Durham from Chester-le-Street. The cathedral dominates the skyline and has inspired many writers, including Charles Dickens and Simon Gray. When it comes to education, Durham University is a longstanding and prestigious institution, mainly because of its unique collegiate school system. This creates a strong sense of community between the students, staff, and faculty that persists long after graduation. Students enjoy brilliant opportunities in their extracurricular activities because of it. There are also various good and affordable student accommodation nearby.

Durham University has a global reputation for a comprehensive compilation of strenuous studies in almost any field imaginable, instilling well-rounded graduates who excel at where they go next – whether at graduate school or the employed workforce. Durham offers a plethora of exciting activities. Here’s a Durham student city guide to help you make the most of your money while living in the city.

  • Cycling

Durham has a lot of beautiful greeneries that are great for those who love cycling. Riding bicycles to and from campus is always one of the best and most inexpensive options. Not to mention how much it adds to your physical well-being! If you’re looking to buy or rent a bicycle, Hargroves Cycles delivers all over Durham, and they have great deals at the moment, so head on over there now if you want to get moving down on some new wheels.

  • Eateries

When you visit Durham, you will undoubtedly dine out at least once. The city has a fine assortment of eateries, with a few well-known brands strewn about. However, now and again, it’s fun to try something new. Here are our best student-friendly eateries in and around student accommodation in Durham. Some excellent offers are available, and dining out should not be too expensive.

  1. El Greco- If you love Greek food, this is the place for you. There are great meals on offer here, including a set meal of three courses which is a good value at under £10. It’s also a lovely place to go for a date or even with friends and family. To save this one for some upcoming visits.
  2. Tia’s- Tia’s, located in Durham, is a fun place for students to take a study break, recharge their batteries and enjoy the delights of Mexican food at an affordable price.
  3. Pad Din Thai- Although Pad Din Thai is a little on the pricier side, Thai food is definitely of the best quality in Durham. 
  • Entertainment

Durham may appear to be a tiny and peaceful city on the surface, yet there is much to do. You can find entertainment in and around the city and even travel to Newcastle for significant attractions. Here are a few of our favourites to enjoy as a treat now and then:

  1. Durham Cathedral- Durham Cathedral, regarded as one of the most significant Norman structures in the United Kingdom, is yet another historic structure in the city.
  2. Durham Castle- Durham Castle is located immediately close to the University and is home to 100 University students. It is ideal for students interested in the city’s history, and guided excursions are available. It is entirely free.
  3. Prince Bishop River Cruiser- In Durham’s city centre, you may enjoy a river cruise. A unique student nighttime cruise with a BBQ and dancing is available. The only drawback is that you must recruit 140 other individuals to accompany you. It is an excellent concept for societies.
  • Nightclubs

Durham does not have the greatest clubs or student evenings in the country, it must be noted. In truth, there isn’t much to select from. However, there are a few clubs that provide amazing student discounts that will assist you in having a nice night with a range of genres. So, here is a list of Durham nightclubs near student accommodation and what they have to offer.

  1. Loveshack- Loveshack offers a great student night out in the Walkergate complex. Located in Centenary Square, Loveshack has a variety of music to please most palates, but it even has a VW camper van for you to chill out on top of the cosy seats. On Mondays, there’s an electronic vibe with a mix of dubstep and R’n’B, or you can opt for the smoothness of soul, reggae, and Motown from their classic pieces of vinyl. Drinks are affordable, while tickets are just £2!
  2. Revolver @DSU- Revolver is one of the most popular concerts in Durham. It plays a variety of Indie, rock, and alternative and typically has two floors. It’s trendy among young people so it’s the best place if you want to listen to indie music with your friends on weekends.

If you want to study in Durham, you will most likely find student accommodation near the city centre. Ernest Place Durham is located within a few miles of Durham University. This is an excellent place for students because it provides quick access to the majority of the city’s amenities and the institution. Suppose you are still having difficulty locating student accommodations in Durham. In that case, University Living Professionals can assist you based on your needs and specifications, so you do not have to worry about finding a place to live.

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