Amazon Advertising Tips to Get More Sales in 2022

While the process of setting up your own Amazon store is an easy procedure, increasing exposure takes some time. With hundreds of sellers competing for the same item it can be difficult to get the attention needed to make sales. 

Therefore, the best way to make your store sell on Amazon quickly as you can is to boost your store’s sales through Amazon ads.

As with any other online advertising platform, your ads won’t be worth much in the absence of a significant improvement to your bottom line or sales. 

If you don’t manage your campaigns properly, an Amazon PPC campaign usually has the opposite effect, and you lose many dollars.

How can you ensure that this doesn’t occur? How do you maximize your profit through Amazon PPC? Here are six suggestions and strategies to ensure you are successful on your PPC campaigns by 2022.

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1. Make use of the negative targeting

The reason is simple. If you stop spending money on keywords that don’t work the desired results, you’ll have more money left for the most effective keywords. This reduces the amount of advertising you spend as well as your ACoS.

How do you determine if you have negative keywords? It is generally recommended to be alert for keywords that receive a lot of clicks but are not converted. But, you should ensure that the keywords do not relate to your products. Sometimes, just lowering the amount you bid on is enough particularly for keywords that generate a large amount of traffic.

2. Keyword research using automated campaigns

If you ask any Amazon PPC expert and they’ll inform you that properly optimized manual campaigns can be more profitable than automated campaigns. I agree. Granular optimization can allow sellers to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

But, automated campaigns are excellent for research on keywords!

3. Offer on keywords with long tails

This is a good strategy suitable for new sellers as well as new launch products, especially in a competitive market.

In these instances, it is advised to not bid on high-volume and competitive keywords. Cost-per-click can be high, and those with higher reviews or ratings and an organic rank are more likely to close the purchase. You’ll end up spending an enormous amount of money to receive the smallest amount of return.

I would suggest bidding on long-tail keywords instead. They are less competitive, which implies that the cost-per-click will be less.

4. Bid on the brand of your competition’s name

An effective way to increase sales and visibility is to consider bidding against your competitors – particularly bigger brands.

5. Automate your campaigns

The management of your PPC campaigns could take several hours each day. There are plenty of mundane tasks you don’t have to do. The time you should have should be focused on the high-level strategy.

There are many tools available, such as SellerApp will help you automate the tedious aspects that are part of PPC campaigns. I would recommend rules-based automation tools since they allow you to have greater control over the automation process. 

The bid strategy and keyword are yours to decide, and the software will take charge of negative targeting and bid optimization.

Automation can be particularly beneficial for businesses that have many PPC campaigns. managing multiple campaigns can be an entire job, and is more susceptible to human mistakes. Automatization tools can solve both of these issues.

6. Learn to let go

Making money from Amazon is all about choosing the perfect product. If there’s no market for a product there’s no reason to advertise it.

If you do not have the correct product, I wouldn’t recommend promoting it. This is as if you flushed money into the drain.

But it is important not to make this decision based solely on information. If you’re driving clicks but the conversions are not great, then optimizing your product’s listing could help turn the tide. 

If, however, the product page or PPC campaigns are optimized, and your product is not selling, it’s sensible to end the campaign and not waste your advertising spending.

Amazon is now bigger than ever before, and it will grow. The company’s revenue of $125 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021 was an increase of 44% from the previous year (this includes Amazon Web Services)! There is clearly a possibility for third-party sellers and companies on Amazon. Like all businesses, there are risks also.

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