Beginner’s Guide: Basic SEO Glossary

Suppose you are a beginner and just started your career in Search Engine Optimization. In that case, you must acquaint yourself with the essential SEO terms that are usually not known to everyone. Are you ready?

Did you know? 

When people hear the term search engine optimization for the first term, they do not get it and believe it is a foreign term.

But if you have decided that you are going to make your career in this field, then thank SEO executives of Kinex Media, who have painstakingly researched to bring forth the following SEO terms in front of you:

  1. 301 Redirect or Redirection

It happens when you visit a page, and it immediately sends you back to another page.

When is ‘301 Page’ put on the website? 

When a web page is deleted, and you do not want to spoil the page visiting experience of your audience, then ‘301 Page’ helps you take your audience to the next page.

Are these beneficial in any way? 

Yes, these prove incredibly beneficial for the pages linked to the external sites ranking on the search engines.

Apart from that, these are advantageous for letting the page experience the site intact.

  1. 404 Not Found

This error comes into existence when a user tries to access a site that does not exist.

Is it good for your site to show the users the ‘404 Not Found’? 

No, it’s not good. It will infuriate the user. So, it is always suggested to put ‘301 Redirect Page’ if the page has been deleted.

  1. Algorithm

The Algorithm is nothing more than ‘Sequence of ACTIONS.’ The Algorithm used by Google is an automated process that provides Google with reasons about “Why should a website be placed at a particular spot?”

What kind of results does Google’ Algorithm deliver? 

Google’s Algorithm counts on delivering ‘Organic Search Results.’

  1. Alt Text/Tag

It is the element responsible for describing the images to the search engines.

Why is Alt Text/ Tag? 

Since Search Engine Bots are considered Picture-Blind, it becomes essential to explain what the picture is all about with the string of the words.

Should you include Keywords in Alt Text/ Tag?

Yes, you should. It’s essential and can serve as a mild contributory to make your website rank.

  1. Analytics

It can be defined as a properly designed system that helps to analyse the set of data or the statistics.

What is the need for ‘Analytics’ in SEO? 

Analytics helps to measure ‘How the SEO campaign is going?’

It aims at analysing the following factors:

  • Website Traffic
  • Users
  • Revenue
  • Traffic Revenue
  • Traffic Sources
  • Site Goals
  • Behaviour Patterns

Which Analytical platform is best for collecting & reporting analytical data?

Google Analytics

  1. Anchor Text

Some texts on a website are clickable and can take you to another page known as the Anchor Text.

How to identify Anchor Text? 

Anchor Texts usually have a different colour as compared to the other texts. Usually, the Blue colour is there to highlight them.

Why are anchor texts used in SEO? 

These link the embedded keyword with the relevant external or internal page.

  1. Black Hat SEO

By the term ‘Black Hat SEO,’ we mean the aggressive ranking strategies that do not adhere to the search engine policies & guidelines.

Which are the few techniques for the ‘Black Hat SEO’? 

Here are a few strategies which are considered to be included in ‘Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Hiding Text on a Website
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Spam Link Building
  • Content Automation
  • Cloaking

What are the disadvantages of using ‘Black Hat SEO’? 

  • Search Engines will penalize you.
  • You can-not rank organically
  1. Branded Keywords

Many expert SEO executives do not know what this term is all about. Here are the features of the Branded Keywords:

These could be either organic or paid.

These can include the Brand & Name of the Business.

  1. Click-Through Rate/CTR

It defines the ‘Clicking-Rate’ of the user from the paid or the organic search. It is a way to determine how your title and description are performing.

  1. Content Management System/CMS

It can be an application or software that helps to keep the digital content in a collaborative environment.

Which is the most popular Content Management System? 

  • WordPress
  • Onveos
  • Magento
  • Conversion
  1. Conversion

A Conversion occurs when the user finally completes the most important action on a website.

What do you mean by ‘ACTIONS’? 

It could be any of the following:

  • BUYING a Product
  • SIGNING-UP for a Newsletter
  • FILLING out a Contact-Form
  • REGISTERING for a Webinar
  1. Crawl

By crawling, we mean to use the third party application to:

  • Search a Website
  • Collect Data that includes:
  • Pages
  • Status Code
  • SEO elements i.e Titles & Meta Descriptions
  1. Dead Link 

Dead Link is a hyperlink that is either broken or does not exist anymore.

How to know that a particular link is a DEAD-LINK? 

If you are encountering any of the following, it indicates that the Link which you are trying to access is Dead:

  • 404 Not Found
  • Server Errors
  • 500 Errors
  • 403 Forbidden

Final Comments! 

We shall be eagerly waiting for your feedback about this piece of basic information. If you want to see Part-2 Version of this, please let us know. We shall be more than pleased to contribute to enhancing your knowledge.

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