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Hardwood floors were the new trend of our times as people rushed to make the wood a better choice for their interior. Hardwood flooring is a single kind of wood that is pure for the floor with no additional elements. The floor made of hardwood is, however, not available to a large number of people due to its high cost. Hardwood flooring’s price for materials and installation is significantly higher than the cost of engineered flooring. An engineered floor is the ideal choice for the most costly flooring on the market.

The average cost of installing engineered flooring is low compared to the cost of hardwood flooring due to its layering surface installation. In contrast to hardwood floors, only the top layer of the flooring is made of pure wood, and the remaining layers are made up of plywood, which is tightly bonded in the soil. The flooring is designed to be constructed in a way that allows the wood to expand particularly in areas that are hot and the humidity remains. For example, basements.

A floor made of engineered is ideal for those who are budget-conscious, who do not have the money for expensive flooring. The price of engineered flooring can be as low as the person desires. Many options are available to select from, whether walnut or oak, each type of wood is readily available for the perfect outcomes.

Engineered Floor Vs Laminated Floor

If we are talking about the best alternatives to hardwood floors laminate is also a possibility that works with this concept. But laminate floors and engineered flooring are similar and difficult to tell apart. If you take into consideration the typical cost for installing an engineered floor as well as laminate flooring, both are less expensive than hardwood floors. However, the laminated floor is significantly less expensive, whereas it is comparable to hardwood flooring. The engineered floor is the best choice of the two categories due to it being close to being a copy of hardwood floors. It is a printed sheet used as one layer. The prints are able to be printed in any form desired by the buyer. In contrast, the engineered flooring has a guanine wood surface which is compact and has layers underneath it.

Another fact that favors engineered wood ahead of laminated flooring is that the engineered floor is much more durable than laminated flooring. The engineered flooring is durable for more than 25 to 30 years and the laminated flooring lasts more than 10-20 years. Laminate flooring is not recommended in the context of the resales value of the home, it actually decreases the value. But, engineered flooring adds an aesthetic value to all the fittings in the home, and increases the value of your property.

Types of Engineered Wood Installation Methods

1. Adhesive/Glued Installation Method

In this kind of installation technique, all layers are adhered to perfectly to ensure that it is as durable as is possible. Because an engineered floor is composed of numerous layers, it’s essential to be able to adhere to every single layer. It is the most popular method for engineered floors as it permits that the floors to grow when there is humidity in underground areas such as basements. Another reason it is less desirable is the time for the adhesive to set. It can make the process longer and take longer.

2. Nailed Down Installation Method

The name suggests that this is the one performed with the help of nails. This method is where the flooring layers are connected to each other using nails. But, this isn’t the most common way to install engineered flooring. This is an efficient method to install this kind of floor, and it takes less time.

Average Cost to Install an Engineered Floor

Beginning with the fact that engineered flooring is the most exact to the hardwood floor. It is a lot more affordable for those who go for low-cost items for their homes while selecting the most effective. The estimated cost from all over the world for engineered floor installation is between $3 and $13 for each square foot. Prices vary based on the differences and the quality of species of wood. There are different levels from medium, low to high that have different prices as well as species of wood. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Prices include charges for labor in addition, which includes after-installation polishing and services, etc. Flooring service providers and sellers typically adhere to this standard to give the most competitive price. They look at factors like the amount of the wood that is cut into planks removal of the old flooring and the species of wood as well as its grain and grade etc. Ovik Mkrtchyan


Engineered hardwood floors with a low range cost from $3 to $5 per square foot. The lowest portion of this range is the less expensive one that is made of oak or American cherry.


The cost of medium-range engineered floors is between $5 and 10 cents per square foot. The range is diverse of species since it is comprised of high-quality wood that has greater affordability.


The price of high-end engineered hardwood floors is priced between $5 and 13 cents per square foot. Within this category, the most common species are Mahogany or Brazilian Walnut that are quite expensive.

Things to Remember While Shopping for Engineered Floor Material

Upper Layer Must Be Thick

The wood which is used for the upper layer must be sturdy and thick for solid flooring, or else it will not last for a long time. A thicker upper layer is recommended to shield it from many kinds of harmful consequences. Because in engineered flooring there are different kinds of wood that aren’t as sturdy as hardwood floors. The appearance and durability come through the layer which must be very thick. Refinishing and sanding are only feasible on the layer with the most thickness.

Centre of the Floor Must Be Premium Quality Plywood

The inside layer of wood is usually plywood due to the fact that the base that the floor rests on is positioned on the inside layer. Additionally, it must be bonded to the surface using a highly durable and durable adhesive that will keep the wood in place for more than 10 years. The plywood should be pliable and be able to handle the expansion well.

Durability is Boosted by the increase in layers

The more layers added to the flooring, the greater is the durability of the engineered flooring. Layers range from three and nine for engineered flooring. The recommended thickness of plywood is certainly nine.

Select the one that bests Your interior

The variety of options for engineered flooring gives you many options to choose from. The look and feel of the furniture that you put at home should match the flooring you pick to cover it. It is recommended to pick sheets, then take them home to examine how they go to the furnishings.

Cost of Installation

While the price of the flooring varies between species and color to the color. The cost of installing engineered flooring must be budget-friendly and reflects the reason for choosing engineered flooring over hardwood floors.

Scratch Resistance Top Coat

Scratch is among the most common threats to floors, so a topcoat of scratch resistance is required to ensure its safety over a long time. Other characteristics include waterproofing, resistance to dent, sustainability, and more.

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