Bluetooth vs. USB RF Keyboard: Which One You May Buy?

If you want a good workstation, you need a wireless keyboard.

Hold n now!

As a matter of fact, the keyboard that comes under the name ‘wireless’ means both of them.

There’s a reason these two keyboards are different and that is the kind of wireless connections these two have

As a matter of fact, one uses the USB RF Connection commonly known as the USB Radiofrequency connection while the other takes the help of the much popular Bluetooth connection.

Looking at the options differently, you might find both to be of different worlds. But that is no it and both the keyboards perform quite in the same manner. Wireless technology is basically radiofrequency waves. Both the Bluetooth keyboard and the Wireless keyboard function using these waves. It is only the type of waves and the way it is connected that is different.

So, without further ado, we are now going to learn which keyboard you might need in order to connect to your work without wires and make productivity reach a step further.

  • First Things First: We need to Know the Definitions

Let’s say you are about to take out an instalment loan for bad credit from direct lenders only because you have made a decision to buy your first keyboard and that to a wireless one. In that regard, choosing between a wireless/USB RF keyboard and a Bluetooth variation can be troublesome.

Particularly when you are standing in a retail store and are sweating inside with the decision!

Well, you do not need to suffer like that anymore. Read this post and finalise your decision at ease.

USB RF Keyboards are the type of keyboards that connects via 2.4 GHz USB Radiofrequency. They do not need the inclusion of a Bluetooth device and can work provided a tiny USB dongle. The dongle is often referred to as the transmitter and it helps the keyboard be connected to a device via a USB Port.

Bluetooth keyboard, on the other hand, does not need a dongle or any port to get connected to a device. It uses Bluetooth in the other device and in itself to establish a connection via pairing. You can easily make a Bluetooth keyboard be paired with multiple devices as well.

There you have it! Now it is time for us to find out which keyboard will fit your needs and will make you even more productive and happier at work.

1. Speed

Keyboards and mice, in the terms used for computers, has something called latency.

The latency is but a measurement that defines how fast the action is done after the input method is administered.

In that way, you can say that latency for keyboards is how fast the letters appear or the actions are done (like selecting a file in the desktop and then hitting ‘enter’ to open it) when you press a key.

The lower the latency, the faster the action is going to occur.

USB RF keyboards might win here since they have a latency of 1 ms, while Bluetooth keyboards have a latency of 1.3 ms.

Winner: USB RF keyboards.

2. Compatibility with Other Devices

If you are wondering what it might feel like if a device takes care of multiple devices, then you need to try out the Bluetooth keyboards.

Yes, Bluetooth connection by its nature can rule multiple devices and can make your workstation even brief; clutter-free and clean.

Keyboards like the Logitech K380 or K480 are even sold in the market as multi-device keyboards because they can pair up 3 devices simultaneously providing the Bluetooth connection.

It might be a little limiting for the USB RF devices as they come with a dongle and the dongle only gets connected to one port and one port only,, which obviously means you cannot use it simultaneously with other devices.

You can use a USB Switch to simplify this problem though. But that might need you to make some extra investments.

Winner: Bluetooth Keyboard

3. Pairing

In this segment, you can tell yourself that there might not be a very prominent answer.

Let us discuss this.

Let’s say you are working on a laptop and you are going to pair your Bluetooth keyboard with the said device.

You need to make some steps here. At first, you need to turn on the Bluetooth connection of both devices, after which the search takes place and you get the relevant device and…

…it is still not done…wait for it,,,

…and now you may need to get it verified with the password.


You have successfully paired your device with your laptop.

Now, let’s think about the USB RF keyboard.

It is a fact that USB RF keyboards come with a dongle, which you attach with the device and you are ready to go.

This method is often called the ‘plug and play’ method.

But there is confusion though! Bluetooth keyboards do have pairing duration and some tasks; but once they are paired, you need not pair them again to the device.

For example, a Bluetooth keyboard will automatically pair with a laptop that has been out to sleep and then resumed the desktop mode.

So, the answer that you are trying to find here is kind of controversial.

Winner: Depends on what you like using.

  • To Conclude

You know that it is always a good choice when you make that choice as per your preferences.

People fail at making choices because they have problems understanding the nature of the expectations they have. Some use a technique of trying different things and testing them. But that does not give you the type of result you are looking for in the first place.

When you are sure of the thing you want, you can go ahead buying it.

Or else you can make an alternative decision.

Nowadays, you get keyboards in all sorts of shapes; sizes and connectivity options.

To your surprise, there are keyboards made like Logitech or Zebronics, which come with dual connectivity options. It means you get a Bluetooth connection and the USB RF connection on the same keyboard.

Now they might be a bit expensive.

Why worry much? You can take out an instalment loan for bad credit from direct lenders only to make that purchase anytime you want. You can also prevent missing out on attractive offers by manufacturers if there is a loan on your side.

Have you fixed your mind already on the device you’ll bring home/

Then don’t be late!

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