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Boxing Gloves

Boxing is among the most well-known and popular sports in the world and has been deemed to be the most dangerous sport on earth also. It is more popular than most might think it is. The sport dates from Ancient Greece in which the hands of the fighters were wrapped in rawhide. This was also thought to be a way of causing injuries to the body to the opponent in addition. For more visit pro boxing store


The design of the boxing gloves we have today was developed in England around the 18th century, where boxing became a popular sport and then recognized as an officially sanctioned sport. The gloves were only worn during training as boxing games were still conducted with only bare knuckles.

Boxing gloves weren’t mandated as standard equipment until the late 1800s, due to the Marquess of Queensbury Rules established in 1867, which remain the base of the sport boxing regulations today.

Why Punching Gloves

Nowadays, the best boxing gloves are one of the most essential components of boxing gear. There is no boxer without these gloves in the training facility. Boxing gloves are the brand name for boxing. These gloves are cushioned that boxers put when they box to give more power to their punches.


The primary purpose of gloves in boxing is to safeguard both fighters, minimize the impact as well as improve the health of both fighters during the fight. They also minimize the damage caused to the face, or anywhere the gloves are placed on the opponent. Without gloves for boxing, you can expect to witness more broken hands, cheekbones, noses and so on.

because the bones of the hands are small and delicate because the bones in the face are equally fragile. Nether regions were never really meant to take impact regularly however, that’s the nature the game.


At Pro glove for boxing, we’ve designed high-quality boxing gloves for combatants who want only the best quality for the most effective performance & protection. Our gloves have been manufactured using top quality materials and fabrics to provide a superior feel and precise blow. Made of tough PU leather to ensure long-lasting durability with triple intensity gel to offer the highest level of protection to fighters.

These ultra-light gloves will offer an unbeatable shock absorption time and will be able to provide the same time in daily use whilst maintaining their cosmetic and structural integrity. The gloves are made to endure even the most intense sparring session or tournaments. Our gloves protect fighters from great injuries and health issues. Professional boxing gloves are specially designed to fit around the hand, so that it naturally forms a fist shape, with a layer of padding covering the entire of the hand’s back finger, fingers, and thumb to ensure maximum comfort and safety.


Incorporating an antimicrobial lining with sweat-wicking properties these gloves provide the best protection against hygienic hazards while remaining comfortable. The gloves you wear for boxing also come with a 3D cooling mesh that lets your hands stay dry and cool by ensuring proper airflow through the duration of the bout. Take advantage of the peace of your mind and the comfort of not having your hands wet and sweaty underneath your gloves. The sturdy velcro wrist closure straps will ensure the gloves fit snugly and securely without slipping or losing which means your attention is on the fight.


Our boxing glove sizes range between 8oz and 16oz, giving fighters of various weight classes to wear the top gear for combat. The colours are plentiful for different personalities and personal preferences. There’s the star series adult boxing gloves as well as the traditional adult gloves you can pick from. You can be the best by wearing the finest and using Pro Boxing Gloves.


The Muay Thai boxing gloves are great all-rounders but incorporate a design that greatly lends itself to kickboxing rather than traditional boxing. That’s not to say regular boxers don’t need to invest in them – they’re ideal for sparring and training- the only difference is they have a longer wrist to block kicks and having a more open palm to help catch elbows.

Its Fairtex handbag made from leather features three layers of cushioning evenly distributed that according to the company will provide superior hand and knuckle security as well as distribution of shock.

From 10oz to 16oz There’s a pair that’s suitable for every style of training – from hitting pad to sparring. The brand claim they’re tight-fitting as well, and the majority of reviews suggest bigger hands might feel the fit is too tight.


The first boxing glove is called a bag glove. It is usually the initial glove you’ll be using before moving onto a sparring or fighting glove. Training on a punching bag will help beginners master the techniques before striking another person. A bag glove should have enough padding for the punching bag. This will help prevent any injuries on the wrist and hand region.


A fitness or training glove is the most commonly used glove that you’ll see on the internet or in the gym. They are available in a range of weights and colours. The weight size you choose should be based on four main aspects: hand size, height, weight, and muscle development.

In terms of the development of muscles The heavier the glove – the more muscle, it will create. If you’re searching for the best gloves for building muscle, opt instead for a glove heavy enough to support 14 ounces.


If you’re a personal trainer or fitness coach, the boxing gloves you pick will be based on the type of clients you work with. If you’re training women typically, you’ll be looking for a smaller size glove with a hand that’s comfortable. Safety gloves are recommended for personal trainers as the client wants to feel comfortable with the gloves you offer.


In general, the most effective sparring gloves are weighted at 16 pounds or 18 ounces. They also require more padding for sparring as they shouldn’t be hurting your opponent. The 16 oz or 18 oz weights will also help you prior to fighting. The reason for this is the heavier weight makes a fighting glove feel lighter. It will allow you to swing quicker and get more hits on your opponent.

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