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Bungee Jumping In Goa

To have an adrenaline rush from an extreme height and with the stunning surroundings then you must go for Bungee jumping. A new attraction in this land of beaches and other adventures. For those who want that extra dose of adventure, this is a must-go. Many spots are there for Bungee jumping, one can choose according to their preferences. Goa is very popular for many adventurous sports nowadays this one is the fresh thing to experience. A thrill behind bungee jumping in goa is to jump from a height and get a swing onto the beach or valley in between. Goa offers the best location for this adventurous stimulation.

Several spots are available in Goa so let’s explore them one by one.

  • Jumping Heights

Location: Mayem lake, Bicholim District

Height of Bungee Jumping: From 55 Mtrs

Time: 9 am to 6 Pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Price: INR 4100/- (Gst Excluding)


This Jumping Height is situated at Mayem lake surrounded by dense forest when you look down from the height you will get thrilled by the view. In India this one is their second opening in Goa, the first is at Rishikesh. This one is the perfect spot for the nerve-wracking experience.

The trainers here are trained in New Zealand that makes it the safest experience and this is run by the ex-army man. This one is the only spot that is supported by Goa Tourism Development Corporation i.e GTDC

  • Sea Water Sports

Location: Flysports Adventure Park, Vadawal, Goa 403503

Height of Bungee Jumping: Options available 50,60 or 70 Mtrs

Time: 9 am to 6 Pm

Price: Approx 2500/- for Kids and INR 3700/- Approx for Adults

Sea Water sports offers highly trained instructors for Bungee jumping so it is the safest option. Also, they have accreditation of STANZ i.e. Standard of Australia New Zealand.

Here you will get the customised options for the height of the Bungee jump according to kid’s and adult’s requirements. Also in their package food and drinks are included. So this will be a great deal with a Bungee jump.

  • Gravity Zone

Location: Gravity Zone, Anjuna Village, Goa 403509, Landmark Anjuna Beach

Height of Bungee Jumping: 25 Mtrs

Time: 9 Am to 6 Pm

Price: 500 – 4500 Approx

This alluring spot of Bungee Jumping is located at Anjuna Beach. With the pristine beauty of Anjuna beach, you can do this adventure also. For beginners and children, this is the ideal place for bungee jump as the height is very less only 25mtrs. It is a very old spot here for the jump. You will also experience the fascinating beauty of Anjuna Village. For those who want to try first-time Bungee Jump and who are quite acrophobic then this will be your place.

  • Atlantis watersports

Location: 12, Simplex chamber, Umata waldo, Near Baga Circle, Next to RBL bank

Height of Bungee Jumping: Options Available 50, 60, or 70 Mtrs

Time: 9 am to 6 pm

Price: Approx 3999/- INR for Adult and 1699/- For Kids


This spot is great if you want to capture all your experience in a high-quality camera. Here they have 4k cameras from different angles you can capture the whole adventurous journey. Also here instructors and trainers follow STANZ guidelines so no need to worry about safety. The staff is very kind and supportive.

  • Goa Bungy

Location: 1716/1 Soranto Waddo, Anjuna Berdez, Goa 403509

Height of Bungee Jumping: 60 Mtrs

Time: 9 am to 6 pm

Price: Approx 3750/- for Adults and 2550/- for Kids some additional charges for photos and videos


Hey after a high jump you want to dench in the water a little bit then yes here at this spot you can experience this. This water dipping experience will be very much exclusive for you. This spot is designed by consultation with Columbian Bungee jumping professionals. 

Also while going to experience this high pump of adrenalin you can enjoy the enchanted beauty of Anjuna beach. The high professional videography is also available to seize your memorable Bungee Jump.

Now don’t think much and give yourself this high-end experience of Bungee Jumping to take your adventure experience to the next level.

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