Calling All Struggling Pet Parents: 5 Tips to Train Your Feline Friend in Using Their Pet Flap

The brand-new cat flap that you’ve just bought for your beloved pet sits unused. No wonder your cat doesn’t know how to use it!

Maybe your cat has to go outside at certain times of the day, or you want them to come and go as they please. Whatever your motivation to buy a cat door, you should remember that you will need to train your cat to use it.

You mustn’t just plop them in front of it and hope that they’ll figure it out. Teaching them how to use it will take time, but with these 5 tips, it should be a breeze.

Begin With Introducing Your Cat to its New Entrance

Change is difficult for everyone, so this suggestion will help your cat cope with a significant transition. Allow your cat to investigate their new entrance on its own before mounting it.

Begin by removing the door from its packaging a few days prior to fixing it. Then leave it alone! Your cat can now spend as much time inspecting the new flap. You can also use this time to record your cat’s microchip in the door’s program if you’ve bought an automated cat door.

Introduce Your Cat’s Scent to the Mix

It may be more difficult to allow your cat sufficient time to become accustomed to their new entrance if you’ve already fitted your cat door. Adding your cat’s fragrance, conversely, is one of the fastest methods to help them understand something is theirs.

Rub your fur baby in a clean cloth and then smear the cloth all around the door. The aroma of your cat will pass to the door, designating it as part of their domain. The cat door will begin to smell like theirs almost immediately.

Lure Your Cat with Treats

When it comes to assisting your cat get through the door, additional motivation might go a long way. Stay on the opposite side of the flap with their favourite treat or toy when the door is closed or open. Try drawing them in and awarding them for each successful completion.

Clary sage, catnip, cat germander, and valerian all have alluring scents that all cats go crazy about. Use a small amount of your cat’s favourite herb to lure them through the cat flap.

Keep the Flap Ajar

It’s better to leave the cat door open for your cat while you’re training them. This acclimates them to the concept that there is an opening in your entrance, window, or wall through which they can pass. This is also an excellent training technique for those who have magnetic or opaque flaps.

Clear flaps make it easier for cats to pass through because they can understand where they’re going. The first step in teaching your cat to push past a large block is to teach them to go via an open hole.

Stifle Scary Noises

Many cat doors make a lot of noise, which can deter cats from using them. Though there aren’t any simple repairs for noisy flaps, you can sprinkle a little foam all around the border of the door to ensure it closes more softly.

If your door has magnets, you can use cloth tape to cover the magnetic materials to decrease the noise.

Parting Note

Are you planning to buy a cat door and wonder how to train your feline friend to use it? Cats can be stubborn. However, with the proper training and the right products, you’ll have the cat door installed in no time, and your cat will be using it with ease!

This article went over a few tips to help train your cat to use the cat door. These suggestions will help you and your cat has a stress-free transition to a new, fun way for your cat to go in and out of the house.

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