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Can A Hair Growth Shampoo Really Make Your Hair Grow?

Thinning hair is one of the common problems among women, and it breaks our heart watching the significant portion of hair on the shower floor, tower, and brush. When it is severe, consultation with the doctor is necessary, but people often try over-the-counter hair products like Hair Growth Shampoo.

Many brands claim their hair growth shampoos are an effective solution that magically reverses hair loss and makes your hair thicker. In addition, it revitalises your hair follicles and stimulates the growth of your hair. But most of the time, it does not look convincing enough.

Do these shampoos work? If you have had this question in your mind, we are here to fade your doubts. This article explains everything about hair growth shampoos in detail so that you know how they work and how you can choose the perfect one for yourself. 

What is hair growth shampoo?

There is not an established definition of hair growth shampoo. Different hair-growing shampoos tout different ways they can help. However, in general, a hair growth shampoo is considered the one that is designed to help your hair grow. These products are created with ingredients that stimulate your follicles to sprout the hair.

Does hair growth shampoo work?

According to many aesthetic dermatologists, despite their applauded praises in mainstream media, there is not enough evidence to support claims made by any hair growth shampoos. These cosmetic products are one of the widely sold over-the-counter solutions for thinning hair, but there is so little evidence to support that.

However, that does not mean that shampoos do not work at all. If they do not give benefits directly, messaging your head with shampoo is also one of the effective ways to nourish your scalp and improve circulation. But not just that, hair growth shampoos, combinedly used with fast hair growth products, can give significant results.

These products contain effective active ingredients that make hair strands healthier and stronger, eventually leading to less breakage and halting hair thinning. In addition, there are common ingredients that help hair grow faster, and if you buy a hair growth shampoo, you should look at these key ingredients on the package to select the right product.

What ingredients to look for in a hair growth shampoo?


Biotin is a B vitamin that plays a vital role in our hair, nails, and skin health. This nutrient helps form a protein called keratin, the main building block of hair. However, biotin can’t be stored in your body, so it should be gained from food regularly to meet the demand of your body. Hence many hair growth supplements and shampoos include biotin as their key ingredient.


Niacin is another common ingredient in hair-growing products like shampoos and supplements. It is a vitamin B3 that supplies energy to our body cells from the food we eat. Niacin converts carbohydrates into energy and also prevents that energy from turning into fat. It also improves circulation, produces keratin, and repairs DNA.


According to studies, Caffeine is found helpful in regenerating hair growth. It stimulates weak hair roots and protects them from the harmful impact of DHT. However, there are some doubts about the effectiveness of using Caffeine topically. Still, many hair growth shampoos include this substance as an ingredient.


Zinc plays an important role in growing and repairing hair tissues. It also helps oil glands function properly around the follicles. Moreover, it helps fight dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy, eventually promoting healthy hair growth. Hence, many shampoos addressing the problem have zinc in them.


Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication commonly used in hair growth shampoos. It is very powerful at fighting off the scalp’s fungal infection and aids in hair growth. However, ketoconazole can give you rashes, headaches, abnormal hair texture, or an extremely dry or oily scalp if you have a sensitive scalp.


This is an also active ingredient used in hair growth shampoos for its potent of stimulating your hair growth. However, when looking for hair growth shampoos, it is better to choose the ones that contain all-natural ingredients. The all-natural approach is less likely to give you unpleasant results.


Hair thinning is a serious problem and should be consulted by a doctor if it is severe in your case. However, some people prefer using hair care products like hair growth shampoos against hair loss. In that case, checking these ingredients in your shampoo would help you pick the right one. Plus read what ingredients you should look for in your hair growth shampoo.

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