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Can you gain a Master’s Degree Without Writing a thesis?

The majority of the top-ranked University students think that the thesis is a passcode to complete the degree.  This is so for them. But, the scenario is not the same for all.  The compulsion of thesis writing depends on the type of degree. There are many disciplines where you can opt for an extra paper instead of writing a thesis.  Other than the discipline, thesis writing criteria also varies from university to university. In US and UK, many universities are offering thesis degrees. Besides this, several universities are also offering Non-thesis master’s degrees too.  Let’s discuss the difference between with or without thesis master’s degrees.

Research Span – How to Complete Master’s degree with thesis?

  1. In such masters’ degrees, the research span may extend too many semesters. The research methodology defines the time you need to complete the project. Further, after submitting the thesis, the student should remain in touch with the supervisors for the research paper publication. This needs a few months more. But a tip to save the time is buy assignment online UK. So, thesis writing often takes more time than the without-thesis master program in such degrees.
  2. Further, if a student has planned to pursue a PhD degree, a degree with a thesis is an ideal option for them. Still, with few exceptions, thesis writing is necessary for the PhD students. You will learn to write a thesis effectively with this type of degree. It will also tell the core principles of writing a thesis. Hence, the master-level thesis will open more ways to make your PhD- research easier.
  3. In such degrees, the students have to conduct an original piece of research. These students complete their research under the supervision of the allotted faculty member. Still, if you want help in thesis writing then the possible solution is buy assignment online UK. Also, before giving the degree, the university will ask them to write a thesis. The master thesis adds your contribution to the existing body of work. The last step in getting the degree is the thesis defence. The best thing about such degrees is:  there are no time constraints. A student can finish his degree as soon as he completes the thesis. The majority of the degrees never demanded paper publication for passing the degree. Hence, it is always good to opt for a master’s degree in which thesis writing is mandatory. It will add hands-on experience to research your student’s profile.

Master degree without thesis

 In contrast, a degree without a thesis has its own characteristics. It is persuasive for the students who have research-phobia. Master’s degree without thesis writing includes coursework. In coursework, students complete classroom-based studies. Through every semester, the core subjects may vary. At the end of the semester, universities conduct exams. After passing all core subjects, the students become eligible for a degree. But here, too, are some exceptions. Still, many times such programs also include few research-based projects. Yet, the sole purpose of these projects is not publication. Also, it’s up to students whether they want to go for the research project or not.

Depth Research

The research aims to explore the depths of happenings. It narrows down the student’s field of specialization. A  degree without thesis writing is better for those who want to be a generalist. Such degrees help the all-rounders to learn about the variety of disciplines. The students getting such degrees have a better command of theories. An individual with a daily learning schedule can complete these degrees in approximately two years. There are fewer uncertainties associated with such degrees.

Pros and Cons

A thesis master vs. non-thesis master’s degree, which is good, is a long debate. Both have pros as well as cons. The selection for each is based on students’ interests. Other than this, there is a long list of disciplines where skipping the thesis does not matter. Few of them:

  1. MA in China studies
  2. LLM in International Law and Human rights
  3. Theology and Religious Studies: Exploring a Discipline MA
  4. Maters in Media Designing
  5. Masters in the Bible and the Ancient Near East
  6. MA in Digital Studies of Language, culture, and History

While, on the other hand, in disciplines like humanities and physical studies, the only possible way to complete the degree is after writing a thesis. But, in such discipline to you can buy assignments online UK. Hence, after the detailed discussion on the thesis and non-thesis master degrees, we can sum up like:

Final Words

Yes, it is possible. You can gain a degree without writing a thesis. But, for this, you the disciples, and degree programs both are equally important.

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