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Canon Pixma Ts3122 Setup |

Canon is a well-known and world-class brand globally for its top products of the highest quality. Additionally, Canon offers printers, cameras, and other high-quality products. Therefore, Canon printers are the focal area that attracts a huge public worldwide because of their high-quality printing functions that can be upgraded.

In this article we will discuss the entire setup for Canon Pixma Ts3122. It’s a wireless inkjet printer that can provide crisp and clear prints of documents. It is also an ideal tool for getting quality photo prints in a short time. Printing can be done in any location of the house with seamless wireless connectivity.

Canon Pixma Ts3122 Setup Using Ij Start Cannon

  • Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection for the Canon Pixma Ts3122 setup process.
  • Then, plug in your printer, then turn it on.
  • Please check the LED near the power button, if it’s green to confirm that the printer is properly connected.
  • Make sure that the power light is flashing. Then press to stop the light.
  • Press then hold down the button for a few seconds until an icon blinks.
  • In this case, your printer will be in easy connection via wireless.
  • Additionally, you must download the program using Ij.Start.Canon, that is the official website of the tool.
  • To do this, you must put the CD-ROM that you received along with the Canon Pixma printer into your computer.
  • If you don’t, visit this link to access the official website of the software.
  • Hit the red button that says “SET UP” available on the website to download.
  • A new window will appear on your screen . You must enter the correct name of the product in its area and then click”OK” “OK” button.
  • Then, a new window will appear Select”SETUP” to proceed “SETUP” option to proceed further.
  • If you’re using windows 9 or later The following message will be displayed on your screen, for example “RUN,” “Save As,” and “Cancel.”
  • Simply click”Save As” or the “Save As” option from the menu for saving and save the file to any location.
  • Click on the “Download” button that appears on the same screen in gray.
  • Then, click then the “Run” option, and immediately after you can open the downloaded file on your computer . This will start.
  • Once the download process is completed the program will display an “Start Canon Printer Setup” option in green. Please choose it and then move on.
  • It may take some time, so please remain in the same window.
  • Select the country or region in the table that appears on your screen . Click to click “NEXT” at the bottom right corner of the window.
  • After that, the screen for the licence agreement will appear. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and then click the “YES” to continue.
  • Your screen will display the “Extended Survey Program” page. Click “AGREE” to proceed further.
  • Then, select then the “Next” option and click the “YES” button.
  • Then, you’ll be asked by a prompt to input the password for your Wireless Network Password and click “Next.”
  • If you see that the connection is completed in your browser, you must select “NEXT.”
  • So, the drivers are installed successfullyand your screen will show the “Printhead Alignment” page. Therefore, take a plain piece of paper and then click”Printhead Alignment” and then click on the “Printhead Alignment” option, and then click “NEXT” without a break.
  • Therefore, you’ll be able to see a test print screen Click on”START” to open the window “START” button.
  • After testing printing After printing, press “NEXT.” Hence, your printer is now connected to the computer.
  • Make sure to tick”Yes” to the “Set As Default Printer” box if this is the default printer for you.
  • Once you have your software installed, click the “NEXT.”
  • You’ll see a list of Canon applications on the screen. Please select “NEXT” here too.
  • Take a few minutes, and after that, you’ll receive instructions for setting the mobile phone. Select “NEXT,” and another window will appear to allow you to register your device.
  • After you have completed the registration, you’ll be able to continue the installation.
  • So, you’re completed with the above-described steps. Now, click”EXIT” and then click on the “EXIT” option, which will complete the Canon Pixma ts3122 Setup. Print Quality

The print quality of the Pixma Pro-100 is fantastic in tests. It was however, not as good in the larger 8.5 11×11 photo size as well as the smaller 4 x 6 photo size. Furthermore, all prints were crisp and without issue, and had fresh accurate and precise details, and consistently high-quality colour. Printers with a resolution of 4800×2400 print excellently for photo printing. When we look at printers with higher resolution however, the difference was not evident in our tests.


It can work with fine art paper and photo paper with a variety of finishes, including semi-matte, lustre and semi-glossy matte. It also offers borders-free printing paper that is as wide at 13″ and as in length, similar to other large-format photo printers.

For network connectivity it offers a variety of connection choices, including Ethernet as well as WiFi. Additionally, USB for a straight connection to a PC, and wireless and wired PictBridge allow printing directly from cameras. Additionally, you can utilize the Easy-Photo Print Canon application to print directly from a Smartphone and Tablet wirelessly. However, you won’t have an option to use external storage to print. This is why you must print the files stored on an USB drive or media card using a PC.

Warranty and Pricing

The Canon Pixma Pro 100’s cost isn’t too expensive considering that it’s a top-quality product that has the most recent features. Additionally, dye-based inks are typically more susceptible to fade as pigment-based inks. It guarantees that its Ultra Canon inks are permanent for up to 100 years. $1.31 per milliliter is the cost average for the ink. Canon offers a one-year guarantee for printers; for other models, it’s the standard time frame for coverage. Additionally, the support services offered by Canon are better than other. Additionally, you can reach Tech support via Live chat, emails, web or telephone.

If you’re considering buying it be aware that it’s not expensive or tiny in dimensions. It’s a photo printer for home use that produces professional-quality results. With its limited or no printing options that are standalone, Canon Pixma Pro-100 is one of the top printers available.

Installing Printer Driver by ij.start.cannon

  • To run your downloaded files, you need access to the downloads folder. To extract these files, click on the ij.start. cannon setup files , and then select Run.
  • Then, you’ll be able to select the USB connection or a wireless connection to establish an internet connection between your computers and printers.
  • You must then select your printer , if it is best connected. It will display the drive and other software list that are based on the printer you have.
  • Make sure you enable the checkboxes in the software program. After that, to download the driver for your printer you need to have enough space. Click Next and proceed with it.start.cannon configuration.
  • The Licence contract window should pop to your desktop. Review all the statements in the document to avoid any problems.
  • Select the Yes option to accepting the Licence Agreement. It will immediately begin installing the software and driver.
  • To determine if the printer is functioning properly, test the printer’s performance by printing a test page.

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