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Web Hosting

Selecting the best web hosting provider isn’t easy for someone with little knowledge of Web servers. I don’t know about you, but I’ll presume that you’re still a novice in web hosting services and choices, so I’m not going to talk about technical aspects. Still, I’ll provide five technical tips and describe them in plain English to help you understand them before deciding on any hosting provider.

1. Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)

Be aware of the bandwidth, which refers to the quantity of data bytes transferred from your site to your customers; it’s calculated using the text and images transferred from your web hosting to your site’s visitors when they visit a specific page on your site. I don’t think you can get free or unlimited bandwidth as it costs the hosting company that hosts your website and is required to pay for it, so choose a hosting web service with an average bandwidth of 3GB and above.

2. Disk space

web hosting in Pakistan offer nowadays 500 MB-1GB up to a maximum of 1GB, and they realize you will never use all the disk space, so they’re generous. I’m sure you’ll only require 10-20MB so never think about web hosting due to the disk space. It’s the last thing you think about when looking at comparisons.

3. Reliability ( percent of the downtime)

Downtime is the length of time in a year when your web hosting server shuts down, and your site customers will not be able to access your site, and you’ll lose them, so your reliability should be 99percent, and I’d suggest even more than 99.5 percent, but don’t fall lower than the 99% mark.

4. Technical assistance

Technical support consists of chatting with an individual from the web hosting business to answer a quick question or contacting via the web for sales or technical problems. My web hosting company responds to my ticket within an hour, which is excellent. That’s more reliable for my websites, and beneficial for me.

5. FTP

FTP can use to upload your files onto your hosting service, PHP and PERL are scripting languages, and numerous web applications are written in these languages. For instance, WordPress can be written using PHP and MySQL for the database. Don’t ever think of abandoning PHP or MySQL. MySQL

cronTabs is a function of operating your website hosting specific tasks on a schedule you define. The most famous instance is installing a no-cost autoresponder to tell you that I did not know about cronTabs when I purchased my web hosting. They turn off the cronTabs to boost their performance on their website servers.

6. SSL (Secure Server and shopping cart)

Certain hosting companies provide a shopping cart, and every shopping cart uses SSL to protect the transactions of your credit cards. Therefore, you should consider SSL options if you want to launch an online shop.

7 Email, Autoresponders, POP3, Mail Forwarding

Your web hosting should let you create emails on your domain name; always be careful of the email disk space as sometimes they offer shallow email space. You always have to delete emails to avoid bouncing back any emails coming to you because of exceeding over quota.

8. Control Panel

Some web hosting in karachi provides call it cPanel, and others refer to it by different names. Whatever you’re looking at is your capacity to complete the tasks mentioned above through your cPanel without contacting the hosting company.

Consider this: how would it be if you create a support ticket for the email to be made within 24 hours each time you’re looking to make an email? What is it like to be frustrated?

9. The addition of multiple domains as well as subdomains

Some hosting providers offer one free domain when you purchase their hosting service but don’t fall for this scam. Yes, it’s beneficial to have it but think about the possibility of having multiple domains hosted on your hosting. I’m not going to say unlimited, but you should have at least 5-6 domains, and I believe this is enough.

But the subdomains can create different folders on your domain, like “,” so the bottom line is that sub-domains should be unlimited or enough to let you play around.

10 Windows or Unix server

Every single one of PHP, MySQL, and PERL are compatible with UNIX/LINUX servers; however, they should not run ASP, a Windows scripting language. Conversely, most Windows servers can use PHP, PERL, and MySQL. You’ll be amazed when I suggest you host your website on servers running UNIX/LINUX rather than Windows for various reasons regarding reliability and performance.

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