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Consequences of Getting a Medical Card in Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Wolf brought the medical MMJ program to Pennsylvania on April 17, 2016. This thing made Pennsylvania adopt the MMJ program. After that people started to use it for medical purposes.

Patients who follow strict guidelines can legally use MMJ cards in Pennsylvania. However, without having its card keeping of 420 evaluation is strictly prohibited and is considered illegal. Pennsylvania MMJ program enables the patients to acquire MMJ suffering from specific diseases. Its accessibility is continuously increasing across the United States and it is considered a great success by advocates in the US, but keep in mind the medical laws of the state before acquiring the MMJ Card like in Pennsylvania.

For those patients who are intended to get a medical card in Pennsylvania, we assembled a guide for them. It will assist you to understand the latest and updated medical laws to follow remaining within the state.

Difference between Medical and Recreational use

The use of the 420 evaluation in Pennsylvania is legal as long as you have a medical card. However, its use for relief or recreational purposes is still considered illegal even if you have an MMJ card. It is mostly used by adults for leisure purposes which is strictly prohibited. There is a continuous amendment of laws in the US to allow the MMJ to use for medical purposes however it is still challenging how to keep track of the state’s use of the MMJ Card.

In June 2021, all the 36 states in the United States were allowed to use it for several medical purposes. These products were only available for the patients acquiring MMJ Card Pennsylvania in the dispensaries. Out of 36, 12 states restricted the medical MMJ to CBD-only products in which the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes was prohibited. The remaining 17 states and Columbia district also acquired the MMJ program and the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes is also legalized.

How much you can possess in Pennsylvania

According to the latest Laws of the state, a patient can get MMJ for up to three months from a Licensed Dispensary. Previously the patients can only buy for one month through their MMJ card. Without official medical keeping, MMJ is considered a criminal activity in Pennsylvania. Keeping the amount of 30g (a little more than one ounce) or less than 30g is considered a crime. It may lead to a 500$ fine and up to 30 days of jail, however, you may apply for conditional release. If this amount increases more than 30g you shall charge a 5000$ fine and one year of jail. Moreover, if a person already has a criminal record of MMJ the fine and jail duration will increase accordingly.

Consult Pennsylvanian Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged for illegally keeping an MMJ card, there are certain defenses available against it. You can contact your lawyer who will raise defenses on your behalf. He can challenge the assertion on you and ill defend your fundamental rights.

Qualifying Conditions for MMJ Card

The requirements for qualifying for the MMJ card in Pennsylvania are recently widened. As a result of it, more people can now acquire a medical card in the state. If you still have not gotten the card you can check out the conditions necessary for qualifying it. Patients with below disease conditions can acquire a medical card in PA however continuously check out for updates because conditions keep changing over time.

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Acute organs pain
  • Cancer therapy (recently added)
  • Acute cancer
  • Epilepsy diseases
  • Anxiety-related problems
  • Damaged central nervous system (CNS)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV) or AIDs
  • Huntington’s disorder
  • Inflammation causing disorders
  • Nervous system degenerative disorders
  • Sclerosis
  • Seizures problems
  • Illness due to multiple causes
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Eye disorders
  • Opioid medication use
  • Neuropathy problems

Follow all PA laws for Medical MMJ

Although you have Online Medical Card in Pennsylvania, It does not mean you can use it at any place or any time you desire. There are still guidelines that exist to ensure the safety of yourself and your belongings.

The important Pennsylvania regulations in this regard are:

⦁       You are only allowed to consume a medical card in your home or a place allocated for you. You can use it in the cabin of your office which is personal for you or your room in your house.

⦁       The patient can transport with a medical card only in closed packaging or a sealed container remaining within the boundaries of Pennsylvania state. It is best to keep it in the vehicle trunk to avoid any kind of complexities.

⦁       Growing MMJ plant from a business point of view in Pennsylvania State is still illegal.

Every MMJ Dispensary is not the same

The PA state is pretty newer regarding the use of MMJ so the choice of dispensaries in the state is still a difficult task. You should choose the dispensary with a good reputation and extraordinary product quality and service.

The first dispensary that comes to my mind is FLUENT. It is well known for its outstanding products and services, moreover, it also has a long-lasting reputation for good quality products. So FLUENT can be one of the choices when finding the best dispensary for MMJ purchase.

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