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Consulting for Optimization of use of Microsoft licensing

Better options for purchasing software, types of contracts, changing from one type of contract to another, selection of editions, etc.
Intervention in the administration of your Microsoft Select, MPSA or Enterprise contracts
Your company may have one of the types of contract mentioned above with any LSP (formerly LAR), but we will take care of checking that it is signed correctly, that it is created and registered as it should be, that the orders are processed correctly, that the invoices are correct, that the benefits of the contract are offered and processed properly and, in general, to obtain the greatest benefit from the contract With Microsoft Development firm. If in your contract you have SoftwareONE assigned as LSP, and you want INFO Consulting to provide you with this service, you will not have any cost.

Verification of licensing status

Your business may be at risk if it is not properly licensed. We can make an inventory of the Microsoft software installed on all your computers and servers, and also review all the required documentation such as “POL” (Proof of License) or proof of licensing to be able to properly face an audit from Microsoft, the Dian, BSA, Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, lawyers authorized by Microsoft, and other entities. By having the installed software inventory and all the licensing tests, we can inform you of the licensing status, both with excess and missing licenses, and in the second case, the recommendations to correct the missing ones.

Delegated Management of Microsoft Software Assets

Permanent management of everything related to your Microsoft software, purchases, installations, reassignments, transfers, updates, information on assigning licenses to PCs and Servers, etc.
Licensing Training
It includes Webcasts, conferences, courses, Boot Camps, personalized training for your company’s personnel, etc. Boot Camps are 16-hour (2-day) courses on Microsoft product licensing, its standards, types of contracts, etc.

Consultation of doubts about Microsoft licensing

Service (with charge) of answers to your doubts and questions about licensing regulations and Microsoft contracts. It can be provided in two ways: 1. Via email 2. In a face-to-face meeting

Advice and accompaniment in audits carried out by Microsoft

Microsoft performs permanent audits on its clients, and many times problems arise due to lack of knowledge of those who carry them out. Whether it is an audit carried out through an expert, court and lawyers with Microsoft power, or the well-known “Tele-SAMs” carried out by email or telephone, it is very common for Microsoft to think that the client lacks licenses when it is not true. . We can support them to clarify and demonstrate to Microsoft the errors that are very common and costly for customers. With this service we can say that we have saved billions of pesos for our clients.

Will you purchase software?

INFO Consulting offers advice for the acquisition of perpetual or subscription software. It is very possible that they are quoting products that are not optimal, types of licensing that are not appropriate, or Leasing, Leasing or Subscription contracts that are not well prepared, because they include products that are not legal through those types of agreements, or they are simply not well prepared and with the software properly specified.

User Profiling

It is common to find in companies that all employees with a computer are assigned the same Office (product, version and edition), even other products that the user does not require are installed. With the collaboration of the Human Resources area, INFO Consulting can group users according to their needs and define a certain number of profiles, in order to recommend the software required for each user according to the profile. This helps your organization by saving acquisition and administration costs.

What is a Microsoft partner

Being a Microsoft Partner is a valuable opportunity for all types of professionals and companies . We reveal everything that being a Microsoft partner implies. By reading this article you will discover why it is important to have a partner for your Systems projects .

What and what is the use of being a Microsoft Partner?

A Microsoft Partner is a company that creates or markets products based on Microsoft software . With the membership, a series of advantages are achieved that the Partner can apply to their technological projects.

Microsoft Partners join the Microsoft Partner Network (NMP) (formerly known as the Microsoft Partner Program). It is a successful business system that integrates more than 64,000 members with Microsoft Development firm.

There are many types of businesses that can become Microsoft Partners: independent software developers, hosting services, marketing agencies, and more. If you can create your products and services using Microsoft tools, you can benefit from what it means to be a Partner with Microsoft Development firm.

In summary, being a Microsoft Partner brings various benefits to your company , not only technological, but also at the training level with Microsoft Development firm.

How to become a Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft Partner adapts to all types of businesses offering different degrees of membership.

To be a member of the Microsoft Partner program, you must purchase a paid annual subscription . There are different tiers: Microsoft Action Pack (includes Microsoft software, technical assistance and training courses), Microsoft Starter Kit and Microsoft Competencies (with Silver and Gold categories, depending on the level of training achieved).
To acquire the different technical credentials it is necessary to pass the exams.
As you can see, the process to become a Microsoft Partner is a process that takes time, and only the best professionals are capable of facing the necessary training and approval for it .

What are the benefits of becoming a Microsoft Partner?

Regional Service Center (RSC): direct line with a service that can quickly resolve any questions that may arise about the Microsoft Partner Network.
Partner University – Offers training courses (free and paid). Microsoft-approved professionals never stop training, improving, and advancing.
Technical pre-sales and implementation services : Provides early knowledge of Microsoft products and training in their use.

Visual Studio Subscription – A perfect tool for developing applications (on Windows, Android, and iOS), cloud services, and web applications.
Access to Office 365 , via demo tenant.
Specific technical support for each type of membership.

Benefit from Microsoft Partner incentive programs

Microsoft payment solution : a secure and agile payment system for customers.
Microsoft License Wise – An advanced training method in the use of Microsoft.

Marketing assistance: it provides you with customizable materials, logos and certification letters accrediting your membership.

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