Dates Palm Farming in India with Complete Guidelines

Dates are the desert and biggest oasis fruit crop and also a lucrative crop in India. Farmers harvest it from the palm trees, and it dries out in the sun and stores in winter. Date palms grow fairly well in salty soil, high alkaline and water. The tree of dates basically requires very little maintenance. Dates trees grow well from shoots, and the tree starts to begin bearing fruit within 4 to 8 years. 

In India, date palm is cultivated in the coastal region from Mandvi to Anjar in the Kutch and Saurashtra districts of Gujarat. Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Kerala are among the states growing it. Kutch is the major producer of dates in India. For date palm cultivation, one of the successful farmers of Bhuj in Gujarat uses Israeli technology.

Process of Dates Palm Farming

For the ideal condition of date farming, you should keep the information regarding which equipment is best in date farming. Several types of equipment are used in date farming, such as tractors, implements, and harvesters. For date palm farming, you can choose the Indo Farm tractor. Apart from this, we can suggest the Swaraj tractor, Mahindra tractor and many more. Here we are describing the ideal conditions for date palm farming.  

Dates Palm Farming in India with Complete Guideline

1. Climate Requirements 

For date palm production, the climate is particularly important. During fruiting and flowering, it necessitates a warm winter, long summer and no rain, plenty of sunlight and low relative humidity. As a result, the dates tree height can reach 1500 metres. In the Middle Eastern deserts, date palm is one of the most important crops. 

You should choose a temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for flowering and fruiting. Proper ripening requires temperatures above 80 ℉ for less than a month.

2. Soil Requirement 

Farmers cultivate date palms in a wide range of soils. You should choose well-drained, and sandy loam soils with no harden below with a pH of 8 to 10 and within the range of 60 to 90 cm. Although you can do date palm farming in alkaline and saline soil, your yield and growth will be affected.

3. Mode of Propagation

Suckers or Offshoots:-

Sucker or offshoots are the most common propagation mechanism. You should pick the offshoots from the mother tree’s base. Farmers must separate the suckers after 4 to 5 years of date palm planting. During the fourth and tenth years of the tree, you can get 9-20 suckers weighing 9-15 kg. A palm tree can produce 10-25 branches throughout its productive life. It is a slow multiplication process that produces a large yield.


Farmers avoid using this method as the fruits are of poor quality. More than half of the fruits form non-bearing males that cannot be used for future multiplication.

Choose a Variety

There are various varieties of date palms that are available worldwide. 

And all these varieties have been developed for thousands of years. But not all these varieties are the best for commercial production. So here we are describing the most common and popular varieties for commercial date palm cultivation, which have great demand and value in the market.


Barhi (also known as Barhi) is the highest yielding variety. The trees have a large stem and are of medium height. Fruit stalks are long, broad and heavy. The fruits are light amber to dark brown in colour and cylindrical. Ripe fruits are soft with thick flesh and rich flavour. About 6 to 20 clusters of dates are produced from a single tree, and each bunch can weigh between 8 and 15 kg.

Deglet Noor:-

This variety of fruits are light and oblong in shape as well as it is dark brown in colouration with a huge seed. This fruit is chewy and semi-hard type. 


This fruit variety is also another popular and common variety. The fruits are generally large in size, with a soft texture and rich taste. These fruits are good for diabetics as they are sugar-free while rich in other essential minerals.


The exact colour of the fruit is not uniform and can range from medium brown to very light brown. The fruits are wrinkled but without flakes, and it is milky in sweetness. This variety is in great demand in the market.


Zahdi is the best oldest variety of dates. The fruits are generally medium-sized, cylindrical in shape and light brown. The trees have a large stem and grow rapidly. It is one of the heavy bearing varieties with low tolerance to high humidity.

Dates Palm Farming –  Planting

You can buy young plants and seedlings directly in prepared land. You should adopt the square planting method for commercial date palm cultivation. It is very important to plant male and female offshoots to provide adequate pollen grains as dates are each other’s fruit.

Male plants in the field are planted at an equal distance between about 3 to 5% of female plants. Therefore, digging pits at a distance of 8 x 8 m for commercial date palm cultivation is recommended.

With the guidance of date palm farming, you should also know the agriculture equipment, such as tractors, implements, and harvesters. tractor is the most prominent among them. The Massey Dynatrack tractor is the best in farming operation. Moreover, you can choose many popular tractor brands such as Swaraj, Sonalika, Mahindra tractor and many more.

For more information regarding dates farming in India, stay tuned with us. 

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