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Desert Safari Dubai | Fascinating adventures to look in Dubai

Desert safari dubai

Firstly, Dubai is a city known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, a lively nightlife scene and unlimited deserts. The exploration of Dubai is uncompleted and joyless without experiencing the thrill on the sand as a Dubai desert safari.

Secondly, 6 hours of Desert Safari Dubai provides you with this excitement at your doorstep. They pick you up from your Hotel / Residence and a journey with excitement at its best. It will be started by taking you almost 40 km away from the city centre at the Al-Lablab desert region. However, you can take pictures with Arabian Falcon, and Quad Biking for 20 minutes. Then our skilled drivers will take you for Dune bashing which will touch the horizons of thrill and adventure.

SUNRISE desert safari in Dubai

1. Sunrise – Catch the sun rising from the dunes

Firstly, The great Arabian Desert is exactly the place where you should be headed at dawn as the Sun shines the brightest and looks the biggest near the horizon. Secondly, Gape at the golden beauty and bask in the awesomeness. The morning is definitely the most photogenic spectacle that you’ll see in the desert.

2. Dune bashing – THE ARAIBIAN DESERT

Firstly, the Morning jeep safari rides in a 4×4 SUV in the midst of the vast Arabian Desert and through the gusty wind and sand is an exciting activity of the best desert safari in Dubai. Usually, the jeep picks you up from the camp and takes you for an exhilarating ride that lasts for close to 30 minutes.

* Most exciting of them all, the special Hummer Desert Safari can also be availed by the travellers after paying additional charges

3. Camel safari – a delightful stroll

First of all, Camel safari is usually a morning desert safari in Dubai that takes you on a momentous 45-minute ride. However, Tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as you ride the camel convoy and explore the desert wildlife. Falcon demonstration is another attraction of the camel desert safari, in which travellers walk around getting photographed with the beautiful bird.

4. Sand Experience the thrill of riding

Initially, The seamless stretch of sand in Dubai offers sand skiing – an exciting adventure sport, which is one of its kind. There are a few dunes as high as 200-300 meters, which are ideal for sand skiing. Secondly, Feel the sand under your skis as you glide down rapidly. Lastly, That’s the ultimate fun in the desert!

5. Quad biking

Firstly, Riding a quad bike in the Arabian Desert is one of the most thrilling things to do on a desert safari in Dubai. Secondly, Ride around the curves and explore the desert like a pro; quad biking is perfect for adventure enthusiasts on a Dubai tour.

6. Hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon safari gives you the perfect 360-degree view of the massive Arabian Desert. The hot air balloon that can hold up to 24 persons at once induces an adrenaline rush as it drifts high up in the air offering spectacular views. The wildlife of the desert, which mainly comprises animals like gazelles and camels can be spotted in the area around.

7. Sunset – Capture thE SCENE

A setting sun in the desert in Dubai is equally charming if not less when compared to the rising sun. The orange-ash hue dissipated by the sun as it disappears behind one of those dunes is truly a spectacle to behold. Drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and enjoy the moments as looks huge in the background. That’s the perfect moment for some candid photography!

8. Happening night

With a range of entertainment and activities like dancing on stilts, fire-eating, swirling, and exotic belly dancing, a night doesn’t get better than this. Anchor your luxury tent and enjoy exciting moments with your friends and family. Near the tent, spend the night under the stars and experience desert safari Dubai with BBQ, bonfire, and celebrations.

9.  dinner and BBQ session!

Dubai cuisine is known for its lip-smacking taste and trickling flavours! Buffets served during a desert safari in Dubai include evergreen kebabs, hummus, and an array of exciting Iranian and Lebanese dishes. Belly dance and music at the time of dinner create a typical Arabian night’s vibe!

10.  Late night dune bashing

Dune bashing, desert safari and stargazing are the highlights of the best desert safari in Dubai. Secondly, The nights are mostly windy and cold, exactly the time when you can get inside the Range Rover and take up a romantic drive with your partner. However, Drive all the way to dunes and spend time watching the best of the Arabian Desert in the middle of the night. Lastly, Attractions of interest for travellers: Red Dunes of Al Habana

Ideal desert safari camps in Dubai

The Desert safari experience stands out because of the wonderful stay options in the heart of the desert. These stays offer night camping, music, dance, and good food. Plan a stay soon!

  1. Atlanta Desert Safari Camp
  2. Bedouin Camp
  3. Arabian Adventures
  4. Oasis Palm Tourism
  5. Al Maha Resort Dubai

What makes a desert safari in Dubai a celebrated experience?


The experiences of spending an eventful day and momentous night in the great Arabian Desert comprise safaris, wildlife-watching on a Land Rover, spending an evening submerged in entertainment in the midst of the desert in an Arabic tent accompanied by the grandeur of nature.


As you plan on spending a day in the great Arabian Desert, there are plenty of activities and romantic stay options in the heart of the desert to make your stay a memorable one. Handpick your best desert safari in Dubai attractions and live them to the fullest!


Morning Dubai desert safari is exciting because of daylight, and tourists can truly observe the beauty of sand stretches, sand waves, glowing desert looks, etc. Evening Dubai desert safari is famous for the beautiful sunset and cool breeze waves from the desert.

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