Determine How To Read Negative Betting Odds In Sports

Sports betting requires learning and understanding how to read odds. This post will help you understand how odds are read and what negative betting odds mean. 

The key to figuring out which bets are valuable is learning and understanding how to read odds. Bookies always set up odds to help bettors know how much they will win if they place a certain bet. The lower the odds number, the higher the chances of that particular team winning. Although betting odds are shown in various formats, they are easy to understand if you take your time. If you want to know the implied probability of a particular sports event, then negative betting odds will help you do that. The secret to becoming a professional sports bettor is to learn how sports betting odds are set and how to read them. With betting odds, you will know how much money you will win when your bet wins. Odds also help you to know if a bet is worth it or not.

Types of Sports Betting Odds 

There are three kinds of widespread sports betting odds: American, Fractional, and Decimal. When you want to bet, you need to know that bookies can display odds as American, fractional, or decimal. Odds have two significant roles to play:

  • They show the amount of money that a bettor will win if they choose to place a wager on that particular bet 
  • They signal the implied probability of the outcome. I think a specific bet.

When evaluating the probability of an event occurring, you shouldn’t count on odds completely. Several factors usually influence negative betting odds relevant to the event’s outcome. Bookies often incentivize bets on one particular side by manipulating odds. Sportsbooks make their profits directly from set odds, and that is why the sum of ads will always go beyond 100 percent. You will also know the amount of money bookies charge to take your bets from ads. Pro bettors understand these odds as “the juice” or “cut” or “vig(Irish).”

What do negative betting odds signify in a bet?

You will know that you are dealing with American odds when you see -130, +200, or any other three-digit number that has +/- in front of it. So, what do these symbols mean? American odds serve two purposes: they tell you whether you are betting on the underdog or favorite. The – and the + also indicate your future payout. If you think that the choice stands a higher chance of winning, your odds will have a negative sign in front of the number. The number itself shows the amount of money you need to bet on to win $100.

How to Calculate Implied Probability with American Odds

Implied probability shows the likelihood of the outcome set up by the odds. Converting odds into percentages is one way of figuring it out. An implied probability is important because it helps you estimate whether an event’s likelihood is different from bookies. Once you have this information will help you to adjust your bet accordingly. One important fact to note is that betting on the spread makes you risk more than your profit when betting. 


Betting is an interesting pastime activity that many sports fans engage in, especially involving their favorite sports. Reading negative betting odds is necessary to ensure that you place wagers on valuable bets. Therefore make sure you learn the different odds formats and what they mean. 

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