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Difference Between Burial, Funeral, & Cremation

You must all be aware of different means of disposal of a dead body. Letting someone leave our lives is extremely hard, but we can make it easy with the help that Nirvana columbarium in Singapore provides. They have an easy and affordable arrangement as per your needs to make the grieving process easy for you and your family and friends. 

There are different ways according to different religious practices carried from the years and also which will be followed in the future generations as well. It is necessary to be educated on this topic as in what method depicts which way. Let’s make it clear and learn about each method.

What’s The Difference Between Burial, Funeral, & Cremation.

The major difference between burial, funeral, and cremation is that burial and cremation are the rituals of disposing of the body while the funeral is a ceremony held for the deceased. 

There are these different choices of people to dispose of their body or their loved one. Either it is the wish of the dead person made in the past or his/her family member. 

Let’s discuss each process in detail with its pros and cons.


In the process of burial, the body of the dead person is placed in a casket that is properly sealed. After that, it is buried under the ground. There are numerous cemeteries to do this, especially in the churches. This ritual has been practiced for more than 10,000 years. Some cultures, mainly Egyptians, bury the body with all the comforts that are needed by the person afterlife. Many Australians also follow this method in their religion too. 

It is one of the most common ways to say goodbye to the deceased. The ground depicts the resting place where their body is placed. It is sometimes done before the funeral as some people prefer to follow the burial process by a funeral i.e. a celebration in the remembrance of that loved one. It is done along the graveside sometimes. Nirvana memorial garden in Singapore does it in a very smooth way with a proper budget. Do consider them if you need any arrangements to be done on time.

There are also some pros and cons for burial check them out:


Graves can be depicted for many future generations. They are always fixed there. So paying respects to them can be done anytime. This can never be forgotten by loved ones and their memories can be cherished forever by going and paying respects to their grave.

This tradition has been present for years and will surely move to every generation.


The cost and time required to arrange a burial service are quite costly as compared to cremation methods. In this process the building of graves and their flowers, bouquets cost more. Also the prayers held in a place also sometimes cost more. So overall this method is costly from cremation.


In the ceremony of the funeral the people remember and honor the dead person. There are many prayers held for the peace of that person in the afterlife. There are various types of rituals held in this method like burning, bone picking, and readings that are practiced religiously in different styles. Stories about loved ones are also recited as their remembrance.  This celebration consists of all the family members and friends and some performances are also performed as per the wish of the deceased person if any. This may vary person to person. Some prepare the lists and some do not.


In the process of cremation the human body is burned into ashes. There are different names for this method like vaporization, oxidation, combustion, etc. For Hindus, their dead ashes are submerged in the sacred Ganga river. It is an alternative for the burial process. About 70% of people in urban areas are likely to practice the cremation method for the deceased. It is many times included in funeral services too.


This method is affordable from others as only a cemetery plot is needed in majorly for burying them rest throwing the ashes in sacred does not require any money as it is throwed in the sacred rivers which is public property mainly.

The ashes after burning are customized in many ways by family members or friends. Even jewellery can be made out of it.

It is a quick process, unlike other time-consuming methods. 


Taking care of the ashes requires a bit of effort. Sometimes due to more remains of people, the ashes get mixed up though it would not happen in Nirvana columbarium in Singapore.  


In a nutshell, cremation and burial are the methods to dispose of dead bodies while the funeral is a process to remember them. Hope there is no confusion for you know regarding these three. Anyways, there is no best method. Every method has its value and respect coming from centuries. Here, at Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore, every method is arranged carefully and the responsibilities are taken with utmost trust and with experience. Let’s make your grieving process less painful and work on it together.

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