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Different Vape Coil Types Explained!

A vape coil is one of the most integral parts of any vaping device. It is important to know about all the various types of vape coils available in the market before you head over to purchase one for yourself. 

You can either purchase a coil from an online retailer or also from a supplier dealing with e-cig coils bulk.

But, before explaining those vape coil types, let us first take a look at what a vape coil actually is.

What is a vape coil?

A vape coil is made of thin wire, which is wrapped around the vaping device’s wicking material. This is placed right inside an atomizer and can be seen when you open your vape tank. 

This is how a vape coil works- as soon as you activate your vaping device, the battery powers up the atomizer. The vape coil starts heating up, which then warms up the e-juice in the vape tank. The e-juice is warmed through the wick which is surrounding the coil. As a result, the vapor is created.

Types of vape coils

Titanium coils

Titanium coils are soft in nature, which means it is easy to alter their shape. Most titanium coils are easily compatible with temperature control modes. They are also comparatively easier to clean and produce vapors of crisp flavor, which is why this type of vape coil is believed to be the most popular type available to date.

Kanthal Coil

Kanthal coils are made of a combination of aluminum, chromium, and iron. This type of coil is able to produce massive amounts of vapor, and the ramping up time is much quicker than the rest of the coil types. Kanthal coils are ideal for wattage mode vaping devices.

Nickel Coil

Nickel coils have low resistance, which is why it is widely used in temperature control mods. However, this type of coil is not suitable for firing too long and is also not suitable for variable wattage and variable voltage vaping devices.

Nichrome Coil

Nichrome is composed of Chromium and Nickel, in ratios 80% and 20% respectively. This type of coil heats up comparatively faster than Kanthal coils do, and is also able to produce an adequate amount of vapor. Another benefit of using nichrome coils is that it prevents the eating element from oxidizing, in order to guarantee consistent flavor production. 

Vertical coil

A vertical coil is made up of a single wire that can be seen running from the bottom of the metal casing to the top. This is wrapped in a way in order to allow air to pass through the center of the coil wire.

Dual coils

Dual coils are similar to vertical coils. The only difference is that dual coils consist of rather two coil wires, instead of just one. Both coil wires are placed side by side. Because the number of coil wires is double, the vape’s e-juice will heat up more quickly and will also produce more vapor.

Triple coils

Just like vertical coil and dual coil, a triple coil consists of coil wires, that too three times. This increases the surface area for heating the e-juice inside the vape tank and ultimately produces more vapor. These are usually referred to as sub-ohm coils because of their ability to produce massive clouds of vapor.

Twisted coils

Twisted coils are composed of numerous coil wires that are wrapped or braided around each other. This, again, helps increase the surface area for heating the e-juice and creating more vapor.

Mesh coils

Mesh coils are seen to have very small holes inside the mesh of wires. This also helps increase the surface area and has a comparatively higher resistance of sub-ohm. This type of coil is ideal for getting maximum flavor out of e-juice.

Ceramic Coil

Ceramic is porous in nature. This means air can pass through these ceramic coils easily. With ceramic coils, vapers are able to enjoy smoother draws, excellent vape production, and a more crisp flavor. Moreover, this type of coil is sensitive to high wattage, which is why these are ideal for high-powered mods.

Stainless steel coils

Coils made up of stainless steel are widely used because of their magnetic properties. Also, they are comparatively more long-lasting and durable (up to 25 years!). Because of their versatile nature, coils made of stainless steel are ideal for temperature control or wattage mode vaping devices.

Sub-Ohm coil

Sub-ohm coils provide low resistance. Besides that, the hit is comparatively drier, and also produces a large amount of vapor. This coil type takes up more e-juice in a specific time period, which means vapers will be required to keep filling their vape tank repeatedly.

A Plus Ohm coil

A Plus Ohm coils provide comparatively higher resistance and produce less vapor. This type of coil does not take up a lot of charging. Therefore, this type of coil is ideal for those wanting their vaping device to last all day.

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