Enjoy the excitement of every festive season with a delicious cakes ordered online.

With the coming of Online cake delivery stores, people living apart from their loved ones would celebrate the happiness of a celebration together even from miles away. These cakes online order services have significantly paved a way of rejuvenating old relations among the people in a good way. There are times where people have to leave far away from their family members and relatives for their occupational purposes. However, like festivals such as Diwali Holi or Raksha Bandhan, we tend to miss them immensely. 

In some circumstances where distance becomes A Big Fall to you, celebrate your bonding with your loved ones with a nice gesture of sending a delicious cake. Now also provides you with the option of delivering your cake along with a special message for a nice small gift. You could even get various options for customizing your cake design and flavour according to your preference. Such a convenient way is provided to you at the single click of your Smartphone. There is no doubt that these online cake delivery stores have made our lives much easier.

Let’s look into two different varieties of best-selling cakes available in online cake delivery stores off Puducherry. It is guarantee that this online cake delivery will make your celebration feel more special with loads of happiness.

Simple chocolate truffle cakes

Chocolate truffle cakes are very moist and intense chocolate flavour cakes that give immense sweetness to every bite. The cake is create first with a sponge base made out of dark chocolate flavour. The cake is then fill in with dark chocolate ganache and creamy white whip cream filling. This is the main reason why chocolate truffle cake feels extremely moist, intense, chocolaty, and buttery in texture and flavour.

This cake is then coat with a fine layer of dark chocolate whip cream with chocolate ganache glazing pour on its top. Chocolate truffle cake can be a replica of intense Brown beauty e that gives off an elegant look at a single glance. The cake is given a final touch with an exotic topping of dark red Cherry and white chocolate shavings. So if you have a hard-quoted sweet tooth for chocolate, then this cake is the right choice for you. You can also share this awesome treat with your truly through send or order cake online gurgaon option.

Vanilla classic cakes

With the coming of Exotic cake varieties and cake delivery in Gurgaon, one can still never forget the popularity of classic vanilla cake. Vanilla cakes are popular because of their mild taste without any intense flavour. This cake is create by a cake expert having your expertise along with all recipes to create a spongy base with a mild Vanilla flavour. This cake is very well known for elegant White beauty because of its intricate white design.

So if you want to go with some simple theme cake with your celebration, then this Vanilla classic cake will be the perfect choice for you. The cake gives off a soft, buttery and creamy texture in every slice. The cake is create with a white circular shape that is decorate with rich white whippe cream piping. Beautiful roses are create on the other side of the cake with the help of white Vanilla flavour whippe cream. Finally, a dark chocolate disc and fresh red cherries contrasting with its white colour complete its elegant look.

Barbie doll pull me up cake

Every kid in an Indian household loves cartoons or Disney characters. This is why cartoon character theme cakes are very much popular among cake lovers in India. Especially what could be a better gift! Than giving your little princess a surprising gift of Barbie doll pulls me up cake? The cake is first created with a sponge base with alternative cake clearing of both Vanilla and chocolate flavoured cakes.

Any Disney character of your preference is then stuck to the very top of the cake. While the sides of the cake are cover with a slimy film of transparent plastic sheet. After this, the cake is pour with creamy chocolate glazing off pink, giving the cake its famous vibrant look. Some beautiful colourful sprinkles are also add as the final topping of this cake scatter once the film is pull up. This cake is an ideal choice to give an anticipating surprise to your little princess on her precious birthday and win her heart.

Cakes that were all near a gift from the West have become a traditional custom in our every celebration. Whether you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or wedding, you need to have a beautiful designer cake with awesome taste. No party can feel alive without a presence of a mouth-savouring cake. Therefore you should always choose a cake capable of leaving an impressive imprint on everyone’s heart forever.

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