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In the modern era, no practice can thrive without digitizing its processes. Because patients demand sleek clinical operations and go for those physicians that offer simplified facilities. For this purpose, many vendors introduced EHR services. That means electronic health records aimed at providing full support to physicians to streamline their administrative tasks. 

This software also allows patients to review their health charts, lab reports, appointment schedules. And helps them pay their bills without having to visit clinics in person. This ease of access and use is what patients look for in medical practices these days. 

With hundreds and thousands of EHR service providers out there, how can you choose which one is best suitable for you? It is indeed a brainstorming task. But we have made it simple for you by analyzing high-rated vendors in the market today. Our top pick is Epic EHR. A platform that fits well with all practices regardless of their size. 

All About Epic EMR

Epic EMR is one of the pioneers of EHR services. And is currently providing services to some of the world’s largest healthcare facilities. Since its founding in 1999, being a self-hosted platform, it covers the requirements for all practices. And pays special attention to large-sized practices. It is praised for its notable reputation and boosts scalability by featuring valuable products and services. 

Over time, this software has upgraded its system to cater to the needs of child care communities, healthcare centers, and integrated delivery networks. As a result, it is effectively a cost-effective solution for securely storing. And managing patient records in compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

Systematically, this remarkable vendor provides distinct and reliable EHR features, which include services of customizable templates, effective data entry, order, and task management, along with enhanced electronic connectivity. Its highest scoring point is its remote care facilities and patient engagement services. 

Its plethora of third-party integrations and intense focus on business analytics make it a best-selling platform. In addition, this system incorporates all aspects of patient care efficiency such as telehealth functionality, patient portal, medical billing modules, artificial intelligence, and patient scheduling. 

Epic EMR services:

Epic is unmatchable when it comes to extensive patient care facilities and capabilities. Its standard range of tools and services cover whole clinical operations altogether with no exception from as simple as charting to as complex as telehealth extensions.

EHR service

Epic software offers a full spectrum of EHR services for its users to manage their patient records smoothly and securely. This vendor’s electronic health records functionality ensures optimal workflow efficiency by streamlining all clinical operations in just a few minutes. Moreover, they strengthen clinician-patient relations by featuring tools like an intuitive dashboard, customizable templates, authentic e-prescription, exceptional patient charts, and smart mobile apps. 

Practice Management

Along with its EHR services, Epic EMR offers an all-inclusive yet comprehensive practice management solution. It satisfies healthcare providers by providing time-saving tools to reduce administrative burden and to get better cost control to drive revenue. Epic’s end-to-end practice management module includes medical billing, managed care, artificial intelligence, reporting, analytics, managed billing services, and a clearinghouse. 

Patient Engagement

Lastly comes, Patent engagement service of EMR that has no end to the benefits it provides. It unifies remarkable features to satisfy providers’ appetite to engage their patients, which will ultimately take their practice to a whole new level. Patient portal, appointment reminders, messaging, customer support, patient kiosks, population health, and patient flow comes under its patient engagement category. Combined, all these features drive a phenomenal patient experience. 

Why Pick Epic EMR?


It enables physicians to share patient records and lab results with other healthcare providers and specialists to get second opinions irrespective of the EHR vendor other party uses. No other vendor shares patient charts as Epic Care does.


Electronic communication of Epic software is highly praisable. Physicians can effortlessly get in touch with patients and other specialists to share data across the network by using any device.


Customizability is the second name of Epic EMR. Almost all its features are customizable, so providers can mold its services to align them perfectly with their business goals. From patient charts to templates, all its components are fully customizable.


There is not even a slight chance of making any compromise in security and customer care. That’s why this vendor offers reliable features that ensure patient satisfaction. The fast and effective data entry of Epic is a clear example of its reliability. 


Diving into clinical performance is no big deal for Epic users. It analyses clinical and financial aspects of practices to highlight patient care quality and guide physicians to boost their financial performance.

Features of Epic EMR 

Next on our list are the exclusive offerings of Epic software. Here are some of the noteworthy features of this unique platform. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Now physicians can handle their billing processes and claim management with zero worries. The robust revenue cycle management solution of Epic EMR helps medical professionals to manage outstanding balances, automate revenues,  claims to scrub, and provides thorough financial assistance to speed up payment processes.

Managed Care:

Epic manages health insurance operations for its clients by featuring a secure portal that provides information about a patient’s health membership to coordinate care delivery. Besides that, its care management tool identifies high-risk patients to make them the first priority of physicians. 

Epic EMR Reviews:

Epic enjoys a score of 10 out of 10 and lives up to its name. Whether it’s on their official website or any other rating sites, like Capterra or TrustRadius, its review section is filled with favorable reviews. Things users like the most about it are its up-to-date technology, shortcuts, and customizable templates that come with pre-populated fields. 

Another thing clients admire about Epic Care is that it offers good information about pharmaceutical choices embedded in its user-centric design. However, a slight improvement is needed to be made to enhance its support staff turnover. 

Epic EMR Pricing and Demo:

Physicians can request a free demo before making any investment. And about its pricing plans, the price of this server-based application starts from as low as $1200 and can reach up to $50000 for large-scale healthcare facilities.


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