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Eureka Ergonomic Pink L Shaped GAMING DESK: L60 60″

Are you looking for a great desk for the pink-loving people in your life? This could be your partner, your son, or even your daughter. If you have fans of pink or animals in your life then this desk is the one you should invest in. It is so much more than a desk, it can grow with you due to being incredibly ergonomic. If you are wanting to set up a gaming station then there are many ideas floating around, it all comes down to the desk you have for your gaming. This gaming desk is one-of-a-kind and it has enough space for a whopping three monitors, a gamer’s dream. Take a look below to find out what makes this desk so special. Click here.

Size Matters

kinds game table

The size of this desk happens to be the main selling point. It is a huge 60” of space, this means that you will never have a desk that is too cluttered. This desk makes a great gaming desk and it has enough space for any and all setups. If you want three monitors then you go ahead and install three monitors. There is also enough space underneath the desk for you to swing around easily in your chair so you can see everything on your desk. With the ergonomic design specs, this desk will grow with anyone, big or small, old or young for as long as they want the desk.

Best Looking

kinds game table design

If you want a desk that is easy on the eye then this is the one for you. There is no other desk out there that is as nice to look at as this one. Nobody wants a desk that is horrible and clunky, this desk is sleek and smooth so a joy to work at or play at. It may be pink but it is completely unisex, so if your boy wants a pink desk then why not?  The gaming desk will sit nicely in any room and provide a completely uncluttered, clean, and tidy look to it. Click here to buy.

Corner Design

ample space under desk

One of the greatest things about this desk is the fact that it sits nicely in any corner of your home or office. If you want that pink desk in your office then you go for it, have fun! The corners are rounded off, not only for safety but also to save your walls. The L shape means it may look huge but takes up very little when placed in the correct space. The fact that it is placed in the corner also means it gives you that little bit more leg room under the desk to play with. Team it with a matching chair and you have the perfect work and play environment.

Original Specs

cable grommets

When it comes to gaming desks, Eureka knows exactly how they should be made. They will only ever use commercial-grade materials within their desks. This means they are not only safe but durable and high-quality as well. Their desks contain many patents so other companies cannot copy or replicate any of the products, if you want a Eureka desk then you have to buy direct. Their products are non-toxic and don’t contain that awful smell when you unpackage your new furniture.

This gaming desk will stand the test of time and will still be standing about ten years from now. They are incredibly hard-wearing and have been tested vigorously to make sure it meets the highest of standards.

The L-shaped pink gaming desk, similar to other Eureka desks has been created with rounded edges. If you have little ones running around then there is no risk of them cutting themselves on sharp, pointy edges.

Added Extras

kids table

What’s better than a plain, old, simple desk? A desk with added extras of course! The pink L-shaped gaming desk comes with a large, pink, paw mouse pad as standard. So if you have any animal lovers in your life then this will be a huge selling point. The mouse pad also means that you don’t have to buy one, thus saving you money. This desk also comes with cable tidy management in the form of wire clamps and grommets situated at various points on the desk. This saves your floor from spaghetti junction and your cables getting in a twist. It also has a very handy and convenient socket holder at the back, just in case your plugs don’t reach.


child group table

So your new desk has arrived and you want to build it straight away. You may be apprehensive to open up the packaging, but fear not this desk won’t take long to put together. Eureka takes pride in most of its products only taking a short time to build. This gaming desk will take you a grand total of 30 minutes to build. Even better, the tools you need to build it are included with your new desk. This means no rooting around in your shed or garage for tools you haven’t used in ages. However, do be aware that if you need to disassemble the desk this may take longer than 30 minutes, but don’t worry it won’t take more than an hour. If you keep the instructions and reverse them then it shouldn’t take long at all.

Who For?

premium eco-friendly desktop

So who is this desk for? Well, as mentioned at several points throughout this review, it is for people who love pink or animals. You can get it solely for the size but it has so much more to offer if you take into account its beauty. If you need more than one monitor then the 60” this gaming desk provides will be more than enough space to complete all your tasks and games. Surprise someone with this desk and they will love you forever.

Final Thoughts

3rd table design

Finally, this desk is amazing, there isn’t much more to say about it. Try it for yourself or take a look at the numerous reviews that can be found online. People love it and so will you, while you are shopping, take a look at the amazing extras you can also buy for this gaming desk.

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