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Exposed Aggregate Concrete – Why does it stand out?

The market is brimming with various types of concrete. Even so, exposed concrete has differentiated itself from the competition due to the raw look it provides. In addition, it exposes the raw texture of the stone used to create it, completing the look.

Moreover, exposed concrete can be coupled with multiple customizations. One of these alterations is the exposed aggregate concrete, one of the most popular finishes.

But what makes it so unique?

What is the Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

As discussed above, it is exposed concrete with a distinct finish. Exposed aggregate concrete is a finish obtained when you lay concrete with a chosen type of aggregate. This aggregate is usually naturally rounded or crushed.

A surface retarder is applied to the concrete after it is placed. It is applied to chemically delay the surface from setting. As a result, the top 3 mm is prevented from setting. After a period of time, the concrete stiffens sufficiently. Post the stiffening, the surface of the concrete gets washed off, exposing the aggregate.

The depth of this exposure depends on initial stiffness and climatic conditions. After a couple of weeks, the process of acid washing is carried out. This process removes any patches present on the concrete and cleans the cement from the surface.

The Benefits

Concrete has often been hailed for its durability and ability to last for longer times. Even so, you cannot ignore the aesthetic appeal of concrete as new designs flood the market.

Exposed aggregate concrete is one such style, inviting a lot of interest from homeowners. It is a desirable option due to a host of reasons.

Visual appeal

As the name suggests, exposed aggregate consists of two layers. The top layer is exposed on the surface of the pavement. On the other hand, the decorative aggregates can be customised as per the user.

These aggregates are available in a variety of options. They differ based on colour, shape, and size. Moreover, you can even add a slight tint to the cement to further enhance the aesthetic appeal. As a result, you can create a unique concrete for your space.

Increased Traction

In regular concrete, once the surface is partially cured, contractors use water to remove some cement from the surface. This leads to the top of the slab being scrapped out.

Unlike regular concrete, exposed aggregate has a naturally stubby texture. As a result, it possesses more traction than regular concrete when it is wet.

Improved Value of the House

Investing in an exposed aggregate will impart long-term value to your home. Since this concrete is installed outdoors, it will adorn your driveway with an undeniable appeal.

An initial investment in this concrete will ensure repayment in the long run. If you plan to sell the house, would-be-buyers would be attracted to the aesthetics and value that your exposed aggregate floor will provide.

Prevents Breaking of Concrete Surface

Breaking of the concrete surface, also called spalling, usually happens during winters. Exposed aggregate possesses a natural immunity to spall since the surface layers of the cement are already removed.

Summing Up

The pure value that exposed aggregate offers is irreplaceable. It is a feasible idea for your curb, especially if you have an eye for design.

So, get in touch with an expert and reliable contractor soon and install your own!

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