Fire Protection System Replacement: Three Signs

What’s a Fire Protection System?

Business owners must ensure that they are safe from fire. Fire can start in seconds and spread quickly. When fire protection systems work as they should, businesses reap the benefits. These systems can reduce the damage to buildings, expensive equipment, inventory, and documents. Sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, and fire alarms all protect building occupants or equipment.

Understanding the Functions of a Fire Protection System

It is crucial to be familiar with the functions of fire protection systems. Although systems work in different ways they all share the same goal: to detect fires and protect buildings, occupants, and valuables. A sprinkler and a smoke detector are two common fire protection systems. The sprinkler system activates when a fire starts. Water protects against fire spreading. This is a good method. However, if you have to deal with special equipment or hazards, automatic fire suppression systems that use clean agents may be a better option. These systems can detect and suppress fires while leaving no residue.

Benefits of Fire Protection Systems

A system has the advantage of saving money over time. Consider a company and the investments made in infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, and information technology hardware. A company could lose millions of dollars if it is affected by fire for an extended period. One prime example is a machine shop that manufactures parts. Should a fire shut it down for days or even weeks, it could face severe damage. Equipment could need repairing or replacing. Contracts could also be lost. When determining the cost of a fire protection system, businesses must consider all factors.

Automatic dispatching emergency services is another benefit that some systems offer. These systems can instantly suppress the fire and notify authorities so that they can dispatch emergency personnel to your location.

How to choose an appropriate fire protection system

How can you determine the best system to protect your business? It is important to consider what facility you are protecting, compliance, and insurance requirements. Fire protection systems can be permanent so it is important to consider the future requirements of your facility. If you have a server room that you want to protect, and you plan on adding more servers over time, is it possible to upgrade the system?

It is important to find a company that has a thorough understanding of your requirements and can tailor your fire protection options. You could be exposed and have to shut down your business if you don’t meet the code.

When should you replace your fire protection system?

The System is old

Your system becomes older each year. It doesn’t have the most recent features or the advanced technology of modern systems. You should replace your system because corrosion and pinpoint leaks can develop over time, causing damage to leaking or clogged pipes. Older systems are more likely to cause fire damage and more expensive repairs.

Your company size is changing

The number of people living in the building will determine the type of fire protection equipment needed. If your company is expanding or contracting, you will need to ensure that you have enough fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers for all the employees. Therefore, you will need to adhere to the fire code according to how many people are in your building.

It requires a lot of maintenance

The devices should be checked by a professional. If you are calling in professionals regularly to check your system, it may be time to replace it and reduce the maintenance costs. It could cost you more to update your system than buying a new one. It’s also not safe to rely upon a system with many problems.

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