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All of the most spectacular enterprises began with a single thought. At some point, the greatest people we now revere thought to themselves, “Why not?” What about you? Why not pursue some audacious and fantastic idea for which a website will serve as a driving force? Even tiny businesses can profit from well-designed websites that aid in their expansion. (website builder)

So it’s time to dust off your old dream or give new life to a new one! Let’s look at the steps you’ll need to follow to get from a site concept to a finished result.

What should you do with your website concept?

Select a Content Management System (website builder)

Building websites on CMSs is far more convenient and efficient nowadays than using “pure”

programming and markup languages (content management systems). They offer a wealth of ready-to-use features, flexible site-building tools, and intuitive administrative dashboards for managing everything from the site’s structure to settings to content.

Certain CMSs are better suited to specific sorts of websites or features in many circumstances. As a result, you must make an informed decision and, even better, seek the advice of a web development firm.

Tell them what you want your website to do and what features you want it to have, and they’ll recommend the best CMS for you. If you consult a multi-CMS agency, such as WishDesk, which works with Drupal and WordPress, the advise may be more objective.

Consider a domain name. (website builder)

Choosing a domain name is another stage in the process of turning a concept into a fantastic website. A domain name is a string that your website’s visitors type into the address bar to access it.

As a result, you should put your heart and soul into it! Your domain name should be clear, informative, and concise while being original.

Structures like are ideal for commercial websites. First, it appears to be professional, and second, many users enter this in when they are unsure about the website address.

Good domain names do not come cheap, but they are all little quantities of money that are well worth it.

Look for a decent host. (website builder)

Because the hosting provider will make your website available on the Internet, make sure you pick one that is reputable and, ideally, offers a wide range of services. WishDesk provides hosting services that include 24/7 uptime monitoring, frequent data backups, your own email domain, free SSL certificates to secure your website, and much more.

Today, providers offer a variety of hosting options, including dedicated, VPS/VDS, and shared hosting. The best option appears to be a VPS (virtual private server), sometimes known as a VDS (virtual dedicated server).

It offers a lower cost than dedicated hosting with better performance, security, and independence than shared hosting. WishDesk provides fully virtualized VPS servers that embody all of these advantages.

Collaboration with a development team is a must.

This is the most exciting part of the journey from an idea to a website! You must choose the people who will carry out such a responsible duty as designing and producing your product.

First and foremost, there are compelling reasons to hire a firm rather than a freelancer. Of course, choose wisely, taking into account the agency’s track record, reputation, and portfolio. Without being arrogant, we may argue that WishDesks’ ten years of experience make it a highly appealing option.

When you’ve decided on a team, provide them as much information as you can about the appearance and features of your prospective website (wireframes for site design, technical specifications, verbal descriptions, sketches, and so on). Upon your request, the development agency professionals can produce whatever is missing, allowing you to shape your entire idea.

The engines then start up for a fantastic ride! Your project follows the well-defined development, testing, and deployment cycles.

You’ll need to relax and enjoy the process, give your permissions, and have Skype calls with the project manager as needed, before receiving your gleaming website in a “present parcel” one day!

Take care of the search engine optimization and marketing.

If you want, an SEO specialist can help you submit your freshly created site to search engines, create a sitemap and robots.txt file, develop an SEO plan, assist you in selecting relevant keywords and expressions, write meta descriptions, give internal linking, and much more.

Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. The entire strategy hinges on defining your target audience and providing your website with excellent content. Your visitor rates, conversions, user contentment, and, of course, your SEO rankings will all rise as a result of this.

Consider website assistance.

Even after your website is entirely ready to wow the world, it must be maintained.

To begin with, CMSs are updated with new versions that make them more secure and feature-rich, thus regular updates are an important component of a successful plan.

In addition, regular performance and SEO audits, code reviews, and similar measures can help your site run like a clock. You may also require the addition of additional functionality. As a result, website assistance is required.

Choosing a support staff that is the same as your development team is a fantastic option because they are already familiar with your website. You’re in luck: WishDesk is the type of company that specializes in web development and Drupal support.

To summarize

You’re only six steps away from something incredible. You can start with the first one right now! Contact a web development agency, and we’ll start with CMS selection, then go on to the next phases. Share your concept, hope for the best, and achieve your goals!

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