[Gas Sensor]Known as the kitchen killer, how terrifying can its “lethality” be?

According to statistics, cooking in an unventilated kitchen, the harmful gas in the fumes is equivalent to six-packs of cigarettes. Long-term inhalation will greatly increase the risk of chances of lung disease and serious damage to the skin.Whether it is from a health point of view or from an economic point of view, cooking at home is a good choice;Gas Sensor

Cooking by yourself is not only clean and hvygienic

Cooking by yourself is not only clean and hygienic, you can clearly grasp the quality and freshness of the ingredients according to your own wishes.And you can minimize the harm of food safety beasts such as waste oil to yourself and your family. In addition, you can save money. In terms of food costs, family funds should be invested in more meaningful places; when dining in a restaurant, in addition to the money to buy food, it also indirectly helps the operator to pay for rent, water and electricity, and even It can be said that in many cases the vast majority of the money you pay is transferred to the landlord;Gas Sensor

Although there are many benefits of cooking at home, if you don’t pay attention to the details, your health will still be harmed silently, and this damage is not a light one, and even life-threatening if the situation is serious;Gas Sensor
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China has a very large and rich food system, and even according to the differences in tastes of different regions and different groups of people, it has developed eight world-renowned cuisines, and no matter which of the eight major cuisines, stir-frying is a very common cooking. way, even many ordinary people can master it proficiently;[Gas Sensor]

A study in the United Kingdom showed that:

A study in the United Kingdom showed that cooking for one hour with cookware with poor ventilation system and low combustion efficiency is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. If exposed to soot every day, it will increase the risk of lung cancer. 2 to 3 times the risk;[Gas Sensor]
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There are more than 300 kinds of harmful substances in kitchen fumes. The most important carcinogen is dinitrophenol (DNP). DNP inhaled when preparing a meal in the kitchen. Sometimes even up to 188 times as much as inhaled outdoors. At the same time, the fumes generated during cooking also contain PM2.5 particles equivalent to 400 times the concentration of serious air pollution. High concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) far exceeding national indoor standards, as well as high concentrations of oxygen free radicals.[Gas Sensor]

Whether it is dinitrotoluene, or PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds

Whether it is dinitrotoluene, or PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds. It not only has a strong inducing effect on several types of serious lung diseases. And under the action of high temperature. These substances also cause the skin to produce a large number of free radicals, leading to increased skin aging. At the same time, the fumes adhere to the surface of the skin, hindering the skin’s breathing. Decreases skin immunity and increases the risk of skin diseases. So, for the health of your family. When cooking in the kitchen, you must do a good job of preventing oil fumes. In addition to choosing high-quality range hood equipment. Also consider the issue of kitchen ventilation. Also, choose cooking methods that produce no or less oily fumes. It is also a good way to solve the problem of oil fume from the root.Gas Sensor

At the same time, the lampblack concentration detector can also be used to monitor the lampblack condition in the kitchen. Here is a brief introduction:

The lampblack concentration detector includes three parts: lampblack concentration monitor, portable lampblack detector and lampblack sensor. Relying on the big data technology of the cloud platform, the collected oil fume information is processed intelligently.[Gas Sensor] Can measure soot value, TSP value, non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration. ‍[Gas Sensor]

Related advantages:

1. The oil fume concentration monitor can measure oil fume data with high precision. 7×24 hours real-time monitoring of oil fume concentration and the operation status of on-site purifiers and fans;‍
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2. Passed CCEP and CMA environmental certification, safe and secure;‍Gas Sensor

3. Equipped with a portable lampblack detector, the suitcase can be stored and used immediately. It has automatic alarm function to help you stay away from danger;

4. The oil fume sensor quantitatively measures the oil fume concentration through the high-pressure adsorption method and the induction plate charge collection technology, and the data is clearer;

5. Use the cloud platform of the catering oil fume concentration system. Real-time monitoring of oil fume and fan conditions, video monitoring can be activated at any time, and time-period reports can be generated on demand.Gas Sensor

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