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By doing all of the things that we just talked about. But coaching is not just about that.
Coaching is about giving you the encouragement and guidance you need to get where you want to go. It is also about getting an impartial and honest look at your business and, more importantly, your blind spots. Those things are giving you trouble in your business that you aren’t even aware of.

Tell us briefly, what are the most common “blind spots” that top agents have in their businesses?

• Looking at the reality of the business is number one because they don’t look at what is
truthfully happening.
• Poorly trained staff that they think are good, but are not good and are costing them a lot of money.
• An honest assessment regarding the conversion of leads. Because they have a lot of leads, they think they are good so they feel a false sense of security. The Internet is creating an even bigger problem with leads because a lot of agents are getting unqualified leads and spending all of their time trying to convert totally unqualified leads…which is costing them tons of money!
• Not taking enough time off burns agents out – big time!
• Trying to manage when you are not a manager

Agents need to remember to work to their strengths and delegate their weaknesses.

Would you say that agents also have blind spots about their strengths?

Yes, absolutely. They must do an honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses to move forward.

In your experience as an elite coach, why is this assessment of “blind spots” so important?

First of all, it keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel. All of the numbers, all of the insider se- crets that I just gave you, are from my experience working with mega-agents and seeing how they do things and what is most effective – what works and what doesn’t. That’s a huge thing when you are a big producer because big producers don’t have people to talk to. At this level, we have a lot of custom programs for each program.

So, if you want to go to one million – two million – five million dollar we have been there, and we have worked with people that have been there and we can show you exactly what avenue you can take to get there more quickly. And you can make more profits, have a better life, do all the things you need to do and have fun doing it.

Most people get to a point, and then they get stuck. What happens with a coach is that a coach works with you, encourages and helps you get “unstuck” and helps you move ahead. Because don’t forget, a coach is not emotionally involved in your business. Therefore, they can help you make excellent business decisions because they have been there themselves and have seen other people get there. Your coach knows exactly what it takes to get on the fastest, easiest path to your goals.

Our program is not based around the coach – it is based around the client. We are more of a consult- ing and business development company rather than a coaching company.

You see, there are coaching companies that you get a call a week and that’s basically it. Our program has been built around the three essential keys to mega success in this business. Since coaching is one of those keys, we have included it in our program.

Why is choosing the right coach so important?

Great question. Whether an agent qualifies and is accepted into our program or not, you have to be
very wary when choosing a coach.

Bad business advice is more than just a waste of time. Bad business advice can ruin your business. And when you hire a coach, you add another team member in a mentorship role to your company.
When you do that, you had better be sure about that coach.

First of all, any coach that you work with should be active in the field and currently doing MORE business than you are. Secondly, they should have experience coaching and mentoring other agents. Finally, they must have a proven track record.

To get this caliber of coach, you have to search. Because, most of the time, he/she (coach) is already making great money as an agent and doesn’t need the extra stress and responsibility of working with you.

That is why I have structured my program around the Mastermind and business development concept
– instead of just a “coaching or training” company.

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