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5 Ways to Use Growth Hacking to Improve Your Business

Almost 29% of startups fail, and the remaining 19% are worse than their competition. Many fail due to inadequate marketing. Growth hacking is a buzzword, but is it really useful for startups? There are several aspects of growth hacking that you should consider if you want to see a quick and measurable return on your investment. Below are the five main areas you should focus on. You can apply each of them to your business and it doesn’t matter if it’s an essay service or a translation agency.

Building an email list

The importance of building an email list cannot be understated. Targeting your ideal customer’s natural online habitat makes it much easier to generate leads. In addition, interactive content is becoming a hot trend for marketing strategies. In fact, getting someone to pause and view interactive content is considered a major win! You can use free tools such as Gmail and Google Analytics to make your marketing efforts even more effective.

NPS is a measure that separates your customers into promoters and detractors. A higher NPS reflects customers who are very satisfied with your product and would recommend it to their friends. However, detractors are detrimental to your business by spreading bad word-of-mouth. The goal of growth hacking for startups is to build a list of promoters. OptinMonster offers many features, from simple forms to sophisticated pop-ups.

Rapid idea generation

Growth hacking involves identifying trends early on and capitalizing on them. This process can help you come up with new ideas and develop marketing campaigns. It can also lead to altering your business plans. By staying abreast of trends, you can increase the pace of your growth and achieve results faster. You can also leverage other platforms such as Facebook groups to find users of a niche product. If you have a small company, you can make use of these platforms to reach potential users.

One of the most common growth hacking tactics involves using social media channels to introduce your product. Product Hunt is a great way to introduce your product to a large audience and gain user feedback. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can also be used to increase visibility. Providing referral incentives is another cost-effective way to promote your business. Moreover, you can also offer discounts or freebies for referring friends to your business.

A/B testing

One of the fundamentals of growth hacking for startups is A/B testing. This technique involves dividing a target audience into two groups, one of which acts as a control group. Each group receives a different campaign version and closely tracks the results. This data allows growth hackers to refine their strategy and see what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, this type of testing will lead to more sales and profits for your startup.
Growth hacking aims to identify ways to grow a startup’s customer base and revenue rapidly. While the term itself isn’t new, it is gaining popularity among small businesses and larger companies alike as they recognize the benefits of a growth hacking approach. Many startup businesses fail because their marketing and sales strategies are outdated. Failure to keep up with the changing trends in digital marketing will leave you behind.

Rewarding loyal customers

If you’re new to growth hacking, reward loyal customers with exclusive benefits. For example, Evernote has premium features, but a free version lets users try it out for free and later upgrade for a fee. This strategy allows users to try out the product before paying, so they can see whether or not they like it. Once they’ve tried the product, they’re likely to stick around for the premium version, so they’re more likely to refer others.
Lastly, reward customers for referring friends and family to your business. Referrals are one of the cheapest ways to increase your user base. If you’re a website, set up a referral program for existing customers, and reward your most loyal customers with discounts or store credit for future purchases. Ask for feedback from users and use it to provide better services to them. This way, you’ll be sure to keep their loyalty and grow your revenue.

Retaining users

Retaining users as part of your growth hacking for startup strategy is important to customer retention. Fortunately, acquiring new customers is relatively easy nowadays, thanks to many different methods, including SEO, content marketing, an Amazon Book, email marketing, and community marketing. But retention is an equally important part of growth hacking for startups because you can’t expect your new customers to stay loyal to your product if they don’t feel comfortable sharing it with their friends and family.

Your growth hacking strategy needs to be vital to keep users engaged and interested. In the case of a software product, the viral factor plays a large role. For instance, Instagram has over one billion monthly active users. Similarly, Shazam requires users to hold their phones to speakers to hear what the singer is singing. The song is played back on their phones when they perform, explaining the app to others and receiving a free referral.

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