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History Of Golden Temple

India is a place with a lot of religious tourist attractions which makes it a secular country. In India, every person has the right to follow the religion and culture of their choice. No individual can force any person to follow any particular religion. With this vast secularism in India, there are various tourist attractions in terms of religious places. One of the major tourist attractions in Punjab, India is the Golden temple that is situated in Amritsar, Punjab making it the Holy city. It is considered as one of the most sacred and divine Gurudwaras in India which is not only visited by Sikh communities but also by many other individuals from all over the world. So there is a lot of search and curiosity generated by many individuals from all over the world to know about the History Of the Golden Temple In Hindi.


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Golden Temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib or the Akal Takht Sahib. The fourth guru of the Sikh Community , Guru Ram Das Ji laid the foundation of the city now known as Amritsar, Punjab, India. So it is an important spiritual place for the people in Sikh culture.

Gurudwara Sahib is built around a man-made pool that is generally referred to as the Sarovar. It was completed by the fourth guru Ram das Ji in the year 1577. Further in the year 1604 the fifth guru Arjan Dev Ji placed a copy of Adi Granth in Harmandir Sahib. This place was repeatedly built by Sikhs as mistreatment was started by the Mughals and the invading Armies of Afghanistan. Maharaja Ranjit Singh after founding the Sikh empire rebuilt the Golden temple in the year 1809 with copper and marble which was further overlaid by the gold foil in the Year 1830 which lead to its name that is Golden Temple.

The golden temple became the center of the Singh Sabha Movement from 1883 to 1920 and further in the Punjabi Suba movement from 1947 to 1966. In the early years of the 1980s Gurudwara sahib became the center of conflict between the Indian Government led by Indira Gandhi and the Sikh groups as well as the movement which was led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Further, in 1984 Indira Gandhi launched Operation Blue star in which she sent the Indian army. This operation turned out to be a disaster because it led to the deaths of more than 1000 soldiers and civilians as well as much damage was caused to Gurudwara Sahib. Therefore the Gurudwara Sahib was rebuilt again after all the damages caused in 1984.

Structure of Golden Temple

Accordingly, Golden Temple is situated in the heart of the city of Amritsar, Punjab. Surrounded by narrow lanes and the busy market area. Golden temple has an architecture that is based on Four entrances showcasing the welcoming nature of a religious place for all the people irrespective of their culture and religion. The main gate has the peripheral building which runs across the whole complex consisting of the offices of the administrators of the place, dining halls that are usually known as the place where Guru ka Langar is served.

The place shows the different architectural design styles based on Indo-IslamicMughal structures and the famous Hindu Rajput Architecture. It is a two-storied structure designed in the middle of the Sarovar. The lower level of the Shrine is made up of marble. And the upper level of the shrine is made up of Gold panels. The domme consists of approximately 750 Kg of gold indulged in it. Not only this the doors of the place are also covered with gold panels.

Daily Ceremonies and Langar In Golden Temple

Various ceremonies take place in Golden Temple daily. These are below:


It is also known as the Closing Ritual. In this ceremony, there is the closeness of the guru Granth sahib and placing it on a well-decorated palanquin. It is taken to the Akal Takht  on the first floor and the holy book that is  is placed on a bed.


This is also termed the Opening Ritual. Every morning guru Granth sahib Ji is taken out from the Akal Takht to the sanctum of the Golden Temple.


Langar is the three-times-a-day meal served to everyone at Golden temple. This is also known as the community kitchen serving thousands of people. In this everyone sits on the ground and enjoys a simple and satisfying meal. This was introduced to remove the factors of differences in people around the globe. These differences were in terms of rich and poor, upper and lower caste, etc.

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