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How Much Do Home Cleaning Services Cost

How Much Do Home Cleaning Services Cost? Many times the daily obligations (children, work…) prevent us from dedicating all the necessary time to cleaning the home. The tasks accumulate and we even get desperate seeing that we don’t get to everything. This is why many people consider the possibility of hiring someone to help them with the cleaning of the house. About this, the most frequent question is how much does a home cleaner cost.

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You may think that hiring a home cleaning professional is a luxury that you cannot afford. Nothing is further from reality. It is a fairly affordable option if you want someone to help you with household chores.
Of course, the budget will depend on several factors. From Cronoshare we tell you about those indicative aspects that influence the rates or price of a home cleaner.
Do you want to meet them? Read on.

Depending on the distance

One of the factors that most influence the cost of hiring a cleaner is the distance she has to travel to your home. Hiring a professional who lives in your neighborhood is not the same as hiring someone who has to travel by car or public transport to get there. As is logical, this trip can increase the price per hour that we will have to pay in the end.

As you can see, despite everything, they are still totally affordable prices if we want a person to help us a few hours a week to keep our home clean and tidy.

If you are still looking for the most affordable price possible, we recommend that you look for cleaning services in your neighborhood on Cronoshare. Here you can request a home cleaning quote for free and without obligation.
Several professionals with experience and close to you will contact you to agree with you on the desired price. Thanks to our system you will find the best professionals for a price that fits what you are looking for. And, most importantly, they will all live near you.

According to cleaning hours

Before hiring a home cleaning professional, you have to calculate and take into account the number of hours that she will work.
A budget of 10 euros per hour may seem exorbitant at first, but you have to think that nobody hires a cleaner for a full day. This only happens when looking for an intern who lives at home and in these cases, a fixed monthly salary is agreed upon.
To give you an idea, it is normal for these professionals to come to your home between two and three hours a week. Even if you are well organized with household chores, it may only be necessary for them to come an hour a week to help with those tasks that you don’t have time to do. Iron accumulated clothes, help with the laundry, scrub the floors or windows…
In any case, you should be the one in charge of deciding the number of hours you need the professional and what you are willing to spend in total.
Remember that, according to the new regulations approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, domestic employees must be registered with Social Security, regardless of the hours per month they work at your home.

According to the area

It should also be borne in mind that there may be differences between the salaries of cleaners depending on the area in which they work. For example, many times the hourly salary changes depending on where you live, and hiring a cleaner in a town in Madrid is not the same as hiring a cleaner in the Salamanca district of the capital, for example.

Based on experience

The most recommended salary for a cleaning professional is, as we have previously mentioned, approximately 10 euros per hour. Even so, there will be professionals who, due to their extensive years of experience, seek better remuneration.
In all cases, the most important thing is dialogue to be able to establish a salary that satisfies both parties, always respecting the work of the other person and without taking advantage of it.

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