How to answer, “Why should we hire you?

Employers want to know they can trust you, and they want to see if your skills and experience match the role they are trying to fill. To ensure hiring the best talent for their business, employers ask many different questions during an interview and “why should we hire you” is one of the most common questions in that questions.

Because they only have a short window to assess whether or not you might be a good fit for the role, they want to understand a few key things at the end of your interview.

Those things include whether you are a good culture fit for the company if you can be successful in the role and how you might contribute to their short and long-term business goals.

When I’m interviewing a candidate, one question I might ask is, “Why should we hire you?” While it might seem like a tough interview question, there are a few steps you can take to prepare a thoughtful, impressive response.

1 You should research the job and its requirements

2 Also you should research the company

3 Your job background should match the job description

How to answer, “Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you? Every job seeker feels the pressure of answering this question. But fear not: there is a way to answer it and come out looking like you know your stuff but in a humble and thoughtful way.

When I’m asked, “Why should we hire you?” I always respond with 2 or 3 reasons but remember that the reasons you give can vary by position. Stay away from generic “everybody-is-good-at-this” statements.

For example, if I were interviewing for a medical assistant position and answered, “I’m excellent at computer skills and interpersonal skills,” that doesn’t differentiate me in any way. You could probably give any interviewee the same answer in that scenario.

However, things get interesting when you focus on results versus traits. Using results lets you show an interviewer how your skills have led to specific outcomes. Here are some examples:

This question is asked by most interviewers and it’s a great opportunity to explain why you’re the best candidate for the job. In fact, it’s just as important as your answer to the question: “Why are you applying for this position?

” Let’s take a look at what makes a good answer to this interview question and how do you deliver it. First of all, it’s important to emphasize the skills and experiences that are relevant to the job description. Also, you should make sure that your response explains why your skills and experience make you a perfect choice for the position.

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Research about job

You will have to explain why you should be hired for the job. To do this, you need to demonstrate the skills and experience that the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. The problem is, that the employer doesn’t know all of your capabilities, so you have to help them out by digging deep into what they are looking for.

Research the company

why should we hire you? It’s a tough question and one of the first questions you will be asked in any job interview. The key to answering this question is to show how you are aligned with the goals and mission of the organization. Use this opportunity to discuss how you can fulfil their needs by using your skills and knowledge.

Match skills job background

Explain how your experience, skills, and attributes make you the best fit for the job as it pertains to the company and position for which you’re applying. You should address each of the requirements listed in the job posting as well as any additional qualities that make you a great fit.

This is your chance to highlight your qualifications and past experience, and how they relate to the position and company for which you’re applying. Address each of their demands directly by highlighting your relevant professional experiences while demonstrating how they will help benefit the company.

You have 30-90 seconds to capture attention and hook a hiring manager’s interest with a strong opening line or paragraph, so start off with something that makes an impact.

Here are some examples of “why should we hire you”

Example 1: You should hire me because I’m a proven asset to any team. Before coming on board as a blogger for WordPress Plugins, I organised my office by sorting it into categories. We saved 30% on supplies for that year and had fewer supply orders throughout the year. I like to think of myself as an organisation queen, ready to showcase my abilities to your team.

Example 2: Why should you hire me for this position? Well, there’s my proven ability to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with several clients.

I am passionate about providing care to those in need in my community,

which keeps me motivated and excited about doing my best work. I understand you need a candidate who can be consistently available for events in clients’ lives

Example 3: I see that you’re looking for someone with experience in the kitchen. Most people struggle to find candidates who are familiar with dense operations such as yours.

I veer away from these types of positions,

but my experiences at my previous workplace will make sure your closing times run smoothly.

Example 4: Though I’m a recent university graduate, my coursework and major/minor all coincide with this position.

On top of that, I have gained some job experience relevant both during my previous internship

and in the volunteer gig that I work, both of which you may remember mentioned in my resume.

Finally, I have been crossing my fingers for this job specifically, because there would be no place I’d rather work!

Example 5: You should hire me because I am just as excited about the position as you are! I’m a fast typer and you have seen that in my cover letter, but I have tons more to offer. Before I went to school, I had several years of experience working on various projects at the local hospital

and could help your team implement better processes. You can see on my resume that I improved

wait time by 17%, through much training and hard work, and can prove that it can be done again.

The recruiter asked you why should we hire you. You have a few minutes before the interview to prep and time is running out. Practice your responses to some popular interview questions here and achieve the perfect pitch.

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