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How To Apply A Natural Lipstick

We have heard this often. “Pour yourself a nice drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” Doesn’t it prove that there is something empowering about applying a natural lipstick? Well, yes, it is. Plus, it is totally worth it to apply a really great as well as healthy lipstick. Although, some women don’t wear it everyday. But, they love to get all ready! And, no attire is complete without a perfect natural matte lipstick. Whenever a woman steps out of town, or gets up on stage, she wants to look and feel confident. Moreover, most of my readers would agree to this. They are always curious about whether or not the lipsticks they use are safest or not. 

Every product that we put on our skin matters. Especially if it is a chemical-based lipstick that we apply every now and then. Therefore, lipstick is something one must pay extra attention to. You require an organic lipstick. Something that is completely safe to use, natural, long lasting, non bleedable, non transferable, smudge-free and more. Is this what you want? You must buy the natural matte lipstick gift set from Adiveda Natural. We all spend a full day eating, juice drinking, and gabbing. This way, you end up eating a lot of your lipstick alongside! Thus, it should be natural. 

How To Buy A Natural Lipstick? 

That is exactly why we did a ton of research. And, we did conclude over the course of several months of tedious hours. The most popular choice these days has come up to be a natural matte lipstick. Did you know consumers buy natural lipsticks based on people’s reviews? Well, yes, they get chosen based on your votes! However, we strongly believe that they should analyse the ingredients that go into the making, too.

Additionally, the up-to-date safety ratings. Of course, you want to pick your favorite colours, too. But, you would also want to make sure that they are cruelty-free. Also, to save you some extra time, check their affordability beforehand.  People also blog about their experiences with each natural lipstick from the lipstick gift set. You can rely on genuine reviews. These shall assist you in picking up the best one. The one that shall cater to all your needs. 

Let us move forward to some of the best natural lipstick application tips.

Organic Lipstick Application Tips

So, we assume that by now, you must have bought your favourite hues of natural lipsticks. If you are a frequent lipstick shopper, then you may want to read this. Make the most of these gorgeous lip smackers. We spoke to a lot of go-to makeup artists and green beauty experts. After doing so, we have listed down these ultimate lipstick application tips:

Prep Your Lips: 

An organic lipstick goes a long way. Pick up your brightest colour and wear it more evenly. But, do so only when your lips are moisturized as well as smooth. Apply a hydrating lip balm two times a day. Yes, as a part of your morning and evening skincare routines. This way, your lips will always be super ready. Of course, for you to apply your favourite, non-toxic organic lipstick or gloss.


We recommend exfoliating your lips once to twice a week. To exfoliate dry and dark lips, follow this process. Firstly, you need to dip a cotton washcloth or soft toothbrush in warm water. After that, lightly buff your lips. On the other hand, you can additionally make a quick DIY lip scrub. Start by mixing a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil with a teaspoon of raw sugar. Apply a little amount of it to the lips. Massage your lips gently. Do not rub. Leave it on for a couple of minutes. Then, rinse it off. When the skin becomes softer (happens due to exfoliation), the natural lipstick will glide the best.

Lipstick Application:

Now, it is time you create a well-defined lip look. Do so without using a lip liner. Directly apply the sleek natural lipstick using a lip brush. Yes, use the edge of that brush. And, then, trace it along the shape of your lips. After that, fill them in with the gorgeous lip colour you are holding. 

If you desire more of a “lip stain” kind of look, do this. Skip the lipstick brush. Employ the tip of your ring finger to apply the natural matte lipstick. Begin with the application from the center of your lips. Next, go on to blend it softly to the edges.

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