How to Buy Weed from Dispensaries in Washington D.C?

Buying cannabis is not easy. Well, it is, but only if you know what to do. For first-time visitors to a weed dispensary, the experience can feel intimidating. There is so much choice, so much information, and so much confusion, especially online. Fortunately, it does not have to overwhelm. This guide will help make getting quality weed in Washington D.C. not only easy, but also informative and fun: 

Do Your Homework

You should first do some research before blindly choosing a weed dispensary. There are many in Washington D.C., but few are actually legitimate. Most you find online operate illegally. Unlicensed outlets are not accountable for the products they sell or the service they receive. Some are not even real, outright stealing from people. Make sure a dispensary exists first and make doubly sure that it is legal. 

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In order to qualify for a license and keep it, stores must adhere to health and safety laws. They must test their products for quality and purity, which makes them safe for you, free of contaminants. If you want the best weed, guaranteed, then buying from a legal store is the only way. Of course, many people grow good cannabis, but without a test label, you never really know, do you? 

Learn Weed

Your Granny never tried this weed. Cannabis is now a massive industry. Companies are competing for new trends, new products, and new methods of consumption. Potency is not what it was. Some strains now exceed 40 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Weed is stronger today than it was then, and there is much, much more to choose from than ever before. In fact, choosing can scare even the bravest. 

For this reason, it is wise to learn a little about cannabis. Sativas are typically energizing, whereas Indicas can feel sleepy. Hybrids are popular because they mellow these effects and offer balance. There are flowers, edibles, oils, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and more. Further, each has its own cannabinoid profile, which will hint at its potential effects, potency, and medical uses. Of course, you can always ask.

Get Your Documents Ready

It remains illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to use weed in Washington D.C. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, a weed dispensary will not be able to sell to you unless you can prove you are of legal age. If you are, this is easy enough to do. If not, you will not get any weed. Acceptable forms of I.D. proof include driver’s licenses and social security cards. 

The reason for this is that Washington D.C. has very strict laws to protect children from intoxicating substances. Much like alcohol, the law regulates its legal age. To know how serious the state is about keeping weed from kids, just look at all the packaging. It is childproof, plain so as not to entice, and devoid of any advertising or colors that might even remind you of popular kid shows or themes. 

Place Your Order

After registering and proving your age, you can place your order. The best Washington D.C. dispensary has a very large menu. Knowing a bit about cannabis will help you navigate the very many products on its shelves, but somebody should always be available to help you, both online and instore. The process is easy, once you decide. Simply check out and pay. 

A good weed dispensary will have a cannabis delivery service available. This is not true of all stores, but delivery is always an option. Some prefer to collect themselves, but delivery drivers are very busy. Most will track your parcel from order to delivery, letting you know at certain milestones along the way just where it is. This is service unmatched in other industries. 

Wait for Home

If you are collecting on your way past, then it is advisable that you wait until you get to your destination, always home preferably, before lighting up. It is illegal to drive with open cannabis products in your car, much as you cannot drive with empty alcohol bottles. It is best to get home first. Safest. Police can and will arrest you if you drive stoned. Rather avoid the risk. 

If you cannot wait for home and go somewhere else first, then remember not to drive “high.” Sober up first before climbing behind the wheel. While it is true that stoned drivers cause fewer accidents than drink ones, cannabis still impairs faculties. This is especially true with today’s potent strains, some of which greatly affect perception. Safety should always be foremost. 

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When you are finally home and ready to relax, it is time to enjoy your weed, and enjoy it properly. The only way to know which strains and products you like best is to try them all first. Some people prefer to smoke weed, others to eat it. Some like Sativas more, others Indica. Most have a variety of product and strain favorites. You will have to experiment some to find which are yours. 

Invite a few friends over to share. Make it a movie night. Go hiking and exploring. Discover the state’s most secret attractions. Visit your favorite people; make some edibles for them. There is so much to see and do while experiencing weed and it is always more fun when someone is with you. Sleep in. Sleep early. Stare at the wall. It matters not really. Cannabis will make it fun. 

Visit a Dispensary

No matter your choice of weed dispensary, it is always smart to visit it the first time around. This will help you to gauge legitimacy, security, safety, licensure, products, staff knowledge, friendliness, and more. Once you know where your weed is coming from, you can become a delivery regular. In this way, you can get to know the staff too and develop useful relationships with them. 

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