How to Choose Right Email Marketing Tool for Your Business

Businesses are constantly trying different strategies to expand their outreach medium. Various trends stay, and emails are one among them. While there are other schools of thought on this, the moot point is that several businesses use emails to reach out to their audience. Around 89% of marketers use it to generate leads.

Marketers face several challenges in their email efforts. They are always looking for an email marketing tool that can simplify the process and provide actionable insights. These tools can help you to amplify different marketing channels. There are several options available, and choosing one becomes a problem. This article will discuss the factors to consider when selecting an email marketing platform for your business.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Email Marketing Tool

Companies must lay down detailed strategies and finalise the outcomes of the email campaigns. They must use targeted content to deliver their messages. The emails must interact as humanely as possible and utilise the email lists properly.

Ascertain the Functionalities you Need

The first step you must take to choose the right email marketing tool is to have a detailed content plan and the types of emails you will be sending out. You can then decide on the KPIs associated with the email types that you will send. Once you have this in place, you can ascertain the features you will need on the email marketing platform.

If you have a barebones email strategy, you can use the free tools for email marketing. Most of the renowned brands have a free option too. Most software has several design options for you. You can also use the contact lists and send targeted emails to these lists.

Readily Integrates with CRM

A critical requirement for email campaign tools is to use the platform to generate new leads for the business. Hence, the software you will choose must readily interface with the CRM you use. The primary goal of the campaigns is to send the correct campaigns to the right people at the right time.

The CRM integration will help you to store data about new prospects readily. It can also allow customer data from the CRM to be transferred to the email marketing platform when needed. It will readily pass campaign information to the CRM too. You can also choose a tool that allows lead scoring.

Supports Personalisation

A critical requirement from any email marketing platform is its ability to send customised emails. It starts from the ability to change the sender’s name according to business needs. The tool must also support several email designs that can cater to the diverse types of emails sent out. The tool must also create personalised subject lines and address every recipient with their name.

You must select a platform that will allow personalisation tags in the email based on the data available about the recipient. The database can also be segmented based on pre-set criteria. It can help to send customised emails to specific sets of users as governed by business principles.

Insights Provided by the Tool

Marketers can make suitable changes to their email strategies only if they have the required insights with them. It will help them set KPIs in future or make appropriate tweaks to the control points when needed. However, it will depend on your business requirements. Always check whether the email campaign tools support the reports you need.

Several tools can allow you to create personalized reports that can help you gather the exact information you need. It will help you to qualify leads better according to the advanced metrics and your changing business parameters. It will also allow marketers to make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Use of Automation

Email automation can help you create a drip campaign, where the emails will be triggered only when the recipient does the required action. It can allow a high level of customisation in the email and use various parameters based on the reports to send out the relevant email. Marketers can also use automation to associate lead scores with new leads.

You can use automation to the fullest by bringing forth your creativity. Marketers can also create detailed email workflows that can help in assuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, automated workflows can also be created that can lead to more leads. Some tools can provide you with designated reports on the automation outcome.

Viewing and Reading Options

The increased use of smartphones has led to more people checking their emails on handheld devices. Marketers must ensure that the email marketing software they choose can design mobile optimized emails. It is necessary because people are restless and do not go through the entire email if it does not open properly on their devices.

The software you choose must have email formats that the recipients can read over mobile devices easily. Some of them can allow the marketers to check how it will look on smartphones and desktops. It will help marketers create better designs for improved conversions.

Assess the Email Designer Capabilities

Most email campaign tools come with canned designs. However, the recipient receives several email messages in a day. It will require creative designs from the marketer to ensure that their design breaks this clutter. A unique email design is the only way to ensure a higher open rate and better conversions.

It is also necessary to select a tool that can help you create email designs quickly. Software with an intuitive editor can help in reducing turnaround time for your campaigns. There are options too that can allow you to send unique designs of the same email to a specific section of the audience. It helps to assess your emails in the natural environment and assess the one that works best.

Ensure the Price Fits your Budget

Several email marketing tools will provide the features you need. The free tools for email marketing will restrict the available features. The right approach is to factor in the software’s user-friendliness and then assess whether the features you need are available. Also, find out whether the budget for that pricing model suits your budget.

The best option for marketers is to choose an email marketing platform that can allow you to scale up as the number of contacts increase, or you must send more emails in a month. It will go easy on your finances, and you can opt for a higher payment model only when your business grows.

Research the Customer Support

You may have problems in managing the tool as you scale up. For example, as you start automating your campaigns, you may need help from the support team. You must research the customer support offered by the tools you have shortlisted. Ideally, they should provide 24X7 chat support or over email. Some of them provide telephonic support too.

The better tools also have an elaborate knowledge base or a list of articles that can help you. A FAQ that foresees the potential problems can also be of additional help. A ticketing system from the software vendor can also help you track the various issues that have arisen over time.


Businesses are trying several ways to reach out to their audience. Emails from a critical part of their outreach strategy. Companies send emails for various purposes, and they must retain their professionalism in these emails. The emails must also adhere to the branding guidelines as laid down by the company.

Businesses must choose an email marketing platform that caters to all needed features to conduct their outreach strategies. There are several options available, and this article attempts to suggest the factors that can help you choose the ideal email marketing tool for your business.

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